Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/20/08

So, if I'm "friends" with you on Facebook, you're probably familiar with the Daily Top 5 that is my status/life/. I have no idea how long I'm going to keep it up, but then again I've been doing it daily for upwards of a year. The Top 5 is pretty much the five things from my day that stick out the most. During my first (of many) Facebook visits after 5 pm, the Top 5 is the very first thing I do. No censors, no second thoughts, no hesitation, it's basically like word association...if someone were to say "today".

Every so often I get wall posts commenting on how cracked out the Top 5 is, celebrating someone's inclusion in it, or expressing frustration over the lack of coherency. I figured I'd create this blog to remedy all three of these things, and to cut down on the six-word wall posts I never feel like replying to but do so out of courtesy. I hope you all show this as much love as you have on Facebook.

  • "Fuckin' Aramis Ramirez" - As a die-hard Sox fan, it ruined my day after seeing this overweight third baseman with a girl's name play Ike to the Good Guys' Tina Turner. Crede > Ramirez, still.

  • "John Danks" - The Sox most consistent starter this season. It's a shame he gets no run support, today being a primo example, but he's another great pickup by Kenny Williams.

  • "Pipe Dreams" - I've applied for eight jobs in the past 72 hours, the latest being an usher for the Pioneer League Windy City Thunderbolts. My desperation is reaching Clinton-esque heights.

  • "Mulch" - This is pretty simple. My aunt scheduled me to help summerize her lawn
  • tomorrow afternoon.

  • "Frank Miller" - Shaun revived my love of comic books earlier in the year, then one night at Casa del Turner I read 2 of the Sin City graphic novels, and I've been reading Miller's stuff a lot today.....being unemployed and all.

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