Monday, June 23, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 6/23/08

  • "Asian Renovation" - So I and two other '07 Cherubs had an amazing mini-reunion at our home away from home, Joy Yee's Noodles on Davis Street in Evanston. And what do you know, it's doubled in size since we last graced Joy Yee's oil-reeking halls. Besides the size and lemon-yellow walls, nothing has changed. The sesame chicken still elicits a crack-like high.

  • "Uneven Sidewalks" - This has been a long time coming. Besides the countless scuffed shoes, dropped drinks, and stubbed toes, tripping over the sidewalk is pretty much the most embarrassing thing you can do with people you haven't seen in a year. I almost hit the concrete today walking off the 2 pounds of Chinese food I had at Joy Yee's, completely forgetting what I was talking about and spending the rest of the walk half listening and half assuring I wouldn't slip again.
  • "Rashid Hadee" - People sleep in this cat and it's a shame. His bio sounds a lot like Kanye - Chicago producer/rapper, soul and funk samples, college education - but I think he's light years ahead of Senor West as an MC. His debut album "Dedication" is a record you can put on and not press skip once.

  • "Argo Tea" - I went in for the first time tonight as my Cherub reunion wound down and one of my friends went to get a "squeeze for the train". I disagree wholeheartedly with paying for things I can either get from home (water) or make myself, most often better than the scummy 22 year old behind the counter (tea). However this "squeeze", tea, lemonade, and other stuff I'm certain, was damn good. Next time I'm with somebody who drinks Argo tea, best believe I'll recommend the squeeze.

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