Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily Top 5>>> 6/25/08

  • "Trader Joe's" - Given my change in diet, this place is a godsend. As of 5 pm this afternoon, only one thing not from Trader Joe's has entered my stomach: a turkey burger. Most if not all the items at this grocery chain is either organic or processed as little as possible. They promote bringing grocery bags from your home and the prices are reasonable. I just wish they would look into a location or two south of Madison St. It sucks having to drive 30 minutes to get to one.

  • "Mixtapes" - Not the cheap, basement-made ones in the picture here. I mean the ones hosted and fully endorsed by artists looking to keep their music on people's minds in between albums, or in the place of albums (ahem, Lil' Wayne). 99% of the time they are free, and they've become the easiest way to stay current on all the youngsters' favorite songs without the waste of time otherwise called Limewire. Just downloaded a new Kanye mixtape about an hour ago.

  • "Andy Katz" - When ESPN parade's Andy about, you know it's draft time. I'm gonna put it out there, but Katz > Mel Kiper Jr. I know that's almost as blasphemous and saying Kobe > Jordan, but Katz does his homework. He actually reports. I can't say if that is due to the difference in scope between the NBA and NFL drafts, but I prefer Andy telling me what GMs are saying over Mel telling me what he's saying. I'm just saying.

  • "Gas Money" -Always a good thing. Some people give, some people. It's pretty simple. People who give get offered rides, people who don't....well, they don't. That's even simpler. Gas money always helps, and it gives driving the illusion of pleasantness. I just dropped Camille off at my aunt's house. About a ten minute drive each way down Western Ave. The return trip took almost 20 due to bad traffic around 95th street, but it was all good because I had 100 cents of gas money courtesy of my little sis.

  • "VH1" - Everybody's guilty pleasure. The network that brought us New York, Money the Midget, and brought Flavor Flav and Hulk Hogan back to life would win "Most Changed" if music television had a yearbook. Close second goes to BET. Back in 90s, VH1 rivaled MTV's credibility in terms of programming. Now, VH1 rivals the freak show at your local state fair. The newest idiot parade to hit the production line is the latest in the "I Love The (insert decade)" series. It's called "I Love The New Millenium". Couldn't we have at least waited till this decade ended to look back?

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Vanessa said...

i like that you used that gas icon... hahahahahhha