Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Top 5>>> 6/26/08

  • "Language Barriers" - A necessary evil. I went to Subway about an hour ago to pick up the sandwich platter for my NBA Draft bonanza. Following instructions from mommy dearest, I reminded the cashier about the chips that allegedly come with the sandwich platter. She turned to a guy behind the counter, had a 25-second convo in a what I gather was Hindi, and promptly told me that chips no longer come with platters. I thought better of screaming "Is that what you mumbled in whatever Indian language you speak?!", and made my way home.
  • "Grassroots Promotion" - So Steve hooked me up with this Alex kid from The Latin School who does promotional stuff for local hip-hop artists (i.e. Hollywood Holt, Million $ Mano, Mic Terror, etc.). It sounds exciting, except for the whole promotion part. Driving to the North Side to staple flyers to walls isn't my idea of a great time, but I figure if I'm not gonna pay for their music it's the least I could do.

  • "GPS" - It's an understatement to say people have a hard time getting to my house. I have to tell friends of 4 and 5 years "go up the hill and stay left" every time I have company. The always prepared Mr. Andrew Turner gave me a pleasant surprise by getting to my house for the first time without the need for my direction.

  • "Sausage Fingers" - The circumference of my fingers is rivaled by few, surpassed only my advisory mate Jim Richard. It's a hindrance in some cases: text messaging, playing stringed instruments, and eating Ring Pops. But it's also a blessing in many ways. I'll leave that to the imagination. I hadn't heard the term in a while, and it made me smile when I saw a license plate reading "SSGFNGRS" this afternoon.

  • "Shawn Chacon" - While watching Baseball Tonight yesterday, I saw this news bite flash across the bottom of my screen: "Astros suspend P Shawn Chacon indefinitely for insubordination." Strange, yes, but I reserved judgement for a few more seconds. Chacon's explanation of the events then scrolled past. Apparently, Mr. Chacon "while arguing with his general manager, grabbed him by the neck, threw him to the ground, and pinned him." Shawn is an ex-Astro as of today.

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