Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daily Top 5>>> 6/29/08

  • "Ethics" - So I'm on the Red Line Saturday morning. It's 6:30 am, so the only people I'm sharing my ride with are the homeless and those working the graveyard shift so they won't be homeless. 6 of the 8 people in my car are sleeping. A dirty man, 6'3" and about 40, gets on at 47th Street and looks around before finding a seat across the aisle from a guy sleeping hard. Next thing I know, this filthy cat is leaning across the aisle and going through the sleeping guy's pocket. He pulls out a wad of bills and it looked like at least 80 bucks from what I saw. I thought hard about whether or not I should step to this thief, because that man likely worked hard for the cash. It bothers me immensely to see people preyed upon like that. But then I remembered I was all of 5'8", and I thought better of confronting this pickpocket. He most likely would've preyed on me, with his fists.
  • "Strong-Arm Kaila" - At Relay For Life, Kaila Edwards and I went down in flames against Vanessa and Crystal in bags. It was a beat-down, completely void of mercy on their part. Kaila had never played bags before, and beginner's luck unfortunately wanted nothing to do with her. She missed long, she missed short, she barely missed me, she threw underhanded, she shotputted the bean bags. As the game(s) wore on, Kaila represented Kildare St. and holed a couple of times. Vanessa and Crystal found a lot of humor in the struggles of my NASCAR-loving teammate, but we put in work.

  • "The West Side" - Oh man, we let the West Side have it at Relay For Life. Me, Kirk ("my name is Kirkland Penro, annnnd I'm finna fry!), and even sometimes Andrew pulled out all the West Side stereotypes: no trees, quarter water and Cheeto Puffs for breakfast, not having Harold's Chicken since West Siders couldn't count as high as the restaurant numbers go. It was great. Kaila and Salif, who live on the real West Side not in Oak Park, took it as well as you could in that situation.

  • "Diagonal Streets" - Where I come from (luckily the South Side instead of the West Side), the streets form right angles and keep their names for as far as the eye can see. Up north, they got a little too creative. Broadway? Eff it. Milwaukee? I can tolerate it until you hit North Avenue. Ogden? It blows. I take solace in Chicago's easy grid and number street system, so you can understand my frustration with directions consisting of " Oh yeah Hamlin turns into Haussen after Milwaukee so you gotta take it to Belmont and make a right onto Hamlin before it changes names."

  • "Kristin O'Brien" - I graduated from grade school with Kristin, and since then I'd seen her a grand total of two times. I always figured that we'd run into each other at this get-together and that reunion. Well, Kristin was killed in an accident on the Stevenson Expressway this weekend. Gone at 18 young, beautiful years old. Kristin is a loving, compassionate young woman and she is and always will be missed. I didn't know how to take the news when I learned she passed. Death is a weird thing; it's the only absolute on this Earth, and you forget how crushingly final it is until you lose someone you care about and share memories with. I don't know how I'm going to handle the wake and funeral next week, but I know how to handle the rest of my life. Don't pass up chances to see friends, no matter how brief or inconsequential the meeting may be. Cherish every single second you get to spend with people that make you happy, because you never know what the next day holds. I'm not a religious man by any measure, but I've said my share of prayers for Kristin's family in the past 24 hours. You will be dearly missed.

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Vanessa said...

OMG Kaila made top 5 and I know why. HAHAHA i HAD to come and see what you said about Kaila "Catch" Edwards. Cot damn. I can't wait for the rematch. SERIOUSLY you threw my game off with all your side comments. Did you see my new facebook album name?! The last two have been direct quotes from you. LUH YOU BOO