Monday, June 30, 2008

Daily Top 5>>> 6/30/08

  • "Brownies" - Chocolate, sugar, and.......that's it. I love brownies. So much so that they've made my attempt at a healthier, processed food-free diet a struggle at best. A neighbor sent me and my dad home from a barbecue gathering with 3 bags stuffed with gooey, fudgey, gooey, gooey goodness. As of today, there's only one bag left.

  • "Red Band Trailers" - Everybody's favorite part of the movie is always the previews that come before the movie. Hollywood knows this and puts a load of work into producing pretty inviting trailers without giving away the whole movie or upsetting right-wing America. Well, Hollywood also makes red band trailers for all of us who 1.) don't like to pay for entertainment; and 2.) can tolerate four letter words and nipples. YouTube "red band trailer" and get ready to waste an hour or four. My favorite of late is "Tropic Thunder".
  • "Robert Downey Jr." - Downey Jr. became my favorite actor not named Denzel Washington on Friday May 2, 2008 when Iron Man came out. But Iron Man, shockingly, isn't the only reason I respect Junior. After hearing about his role as an Austrailian actor donning blackface for his part in a fictional war movie in the upcoming "Tropic Thunder", I had to check it out. I YouTubed the trailer, and Downey Jr's character is hilarious. What speaks to how great a job he did and his acting prowess is the fact that the 40+ year old black population has yet to complain! I'm sure Al and maybe Jesse will release a statement following the film's release so they can ride the wave of hype it will undoubtedly generate, but Downey Jr's earned himself a ghetto pass. I bet some people won't even release it was him until the credits roll.

  • "Rolling Stone" - I checked my mailbox about an hour ago and whadduya know: the largest magazine on Planet Earth is jammed in there. I'm a dedicated reader of Rolling Stone, for free at Borders, and so I'm pretty excited that my dad's made it possible to read it for free in the comfort of my own home. They did a pretty in-depth interview piece on Barack Obama in the newest issue. If not for Rolling Stone, the world would never know Barack was a Shakespearean tragedy enthusiast (capturing the ever-elusive Jonathan Miller vote), has Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt on his iPod, and remembers when Thriller (!!!) debuted on MTV.

  • "Saturation" - Being all of 18 3/4 years old, I'm not 100% sure where modern male hygiene started. I'd gather it was Old Spice. But during the past 5 years, AXE has pretty much been synonymous with "not smelling like the elevators at the El station", especially if you're under, say, 20. Once you hit 25, you probably shouldn't be looking for a scent called "Clix". Anyway, while thumbing through Rolling Stone, I came across AXE's newest creation: "The Detailer". As can be seen to the left, both the name and design were derived from concepts geared towards automobile cleaning. Running for roughly $15, The Detailer will make sure to clean all the grime off of your 7 strands of chest hair with it's patented red Brillo pad add-on.

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Vanessa said...

I LOVE BROWNIES! but you already knew that... uh, where's the new poll for me to vote on?!?!? btw - YAY IRON MAN! i just saw the hulk and the studly RObert Downey Jr. graced us with his face. I'm getting into all these superhero movies now. grreat