Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/10/08

  • "Connections" - A must in the workplace. Ambition and talent are both good and all, but you gotta know somebody. Well, today I just found out that I know somebody who knows a lot of somebodys. I'll leave that individual out of this, but just know that they are closely related to black journalism O.G. Vernon Jarrett. Here's an SAT question to help you all further understand the impact Mr. Jarret had: Vernon Jarret is to black journalists as Moses is to ______? The answer doesn't really matter, b/c whenever you're in the same sentence as Moses you're not doing too bad for yourself. Hopefully I can volunteer with the History Makers offices and open up some oppurtunities pour moi.
  • "CiCi's" - What's better than pizza? If you said nothing, you're correct. What's better than a buffet? If you answered pizza, you're 2/2. How about a pizza buffet?.......Wha wha wha!? Don't fret, I had the same reaction when I discovered the greatest idea in culinary history. You know a place is heaven when there slogan is "Almost Too Good To Be True". Somewhere that allows you to eat pizza until your arteries start pumping marinara for a mere $8 sounds like it to me. I wish I didn't give up pizza.

  • "Bomb Threats" - We all know (and love.....right?) Darrius Yancy. Well he's in North Carolina right now and he called me last night to tell me he may not be able to make a movie Friday. His reason? "Man they're threatening to blow the plane up and stuff man." Come again buddy? I Googled North Carolina and (all) I found (was) the story. I understand Darrius' nerves but they didn't even evacuate the airport. I expect to see him at Piper's Alley Friday.

  • "Jesse" - Hopefully you knew who I was referencing without this picture's aid. I'm sure you've all heard about Jesse's Barack-hating that blew up yesterday. To me, it's a non story. People say similar things on Hannity & Colmes on the daily and nobody freaks. I just wish FOX News would've aired the entire outtake. I wonder what followed Jesse's wishes to castrate Obama.

  • "Free Ish" - Ah, tomorrow is a glorious day. A national holiday in my mind. 7-11 will be giving away free 7.11 ounce Slurpees all day tomorrow. Coincedentally, the date happens to be July 11th. Go figure. Head to Google Maps before you leave the house and map out a route so you can hit every one of the 94 7-11's in your zip code. I surely will. Make sure to fit in a stop at the clinic to get your blood sugar tested on the way home too. Oh, and last thing, if a clerk in 7-11 tells you his store is not participating you should notify the proper authorities. They'll appreciate you having left them a window to try and revive the misguided clerk.

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