Friday, July 11, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/11/08

  • "AMC" - They'll be receiving about 30 of my hard-earned dollars in the next 36 hours. I'll be seeing Gunnin For That #1 Spot and The Wackness in the plush, sticky stadium seats at AMC this weekend. I owe them though. All those freshman and sophomore year weekend nights when AMC was my excuse to get outta the house and my alibi for the evening. I still refuse to buy concessions though. There aren't Mike & Ikes on this Earth tasty enough to cost $4.

  • "Kiddies" - I work with them. Well, actually I work with them. I photograph and videotape their summer classes at the Young Scientists Program. This morning, paramedics came in to teach the youngins how to properly perform CPR. It was fascinating; not them beating down on the mannequins so hard that they would've caved a real person's ribcage in, their brilliance was the captivating thing. One boy's excitement and genius stuck with me. He couldn't have been older than 11, voice as high as Prince's. But he was smarter than 80% of the other kids, most of which were 2-3 years older. I can tell I'm getting old and it's scary. Back when I was that age I was hating on kids who participated as eagerly as this child was, but now I felt some weird combo of pride and awe as he rattled off bone after tendon after muscle name.
  • "The 112" - Not the Boyz II Men wannabes. In my protest of the Metra's ridiculous bike policy, the 112 has become my major source of transportation. It runs maybe every 35 minutes, during rush hour, and is rarely air-conditioned, but it's all we have in Morgan Park. It also provides an interesting look at how segregated the city still is. White faces rarely remain on the bus east of Longwood St., while you'll be hard-pressed to find a brown or black one west of California St.

  • "RZA" - Or Bobby Digital or whatever you'd like to call him. I've had a heavy dosage of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan this week and the RZA is truly underappreciated, both musically and as an entreprenuer. People don't understand that the Wu was a decade ahead of everybody else when it came to marketing. They did clothing, video games, whatever. Not to mention pumping out classic albums, 90% of which the RZA produced. Supreme Clientele, Liquid Swords, Enter The 36 Chambers, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Good God what a list. Hail Shaolin.

  • "Lists" - People love lists. Case in point: this website. I'm likely worse than others though. All I've watched today on TV has started with "Top __". I serach through table of contents in magazines for whatever lists they have in there. I write my parents' grocery lists (sometimes). Whenever I check Amazon Music, I end up wasting hours looking through pointless posts on Listmania. I don't know if it's the rankings or the curiosity as to who came up with this and using what system, but I can't resist. Most of them are horseshit, but I still can't stay away.

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