Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/12/08 *Special Edition*

  • "Friends" - Good ones are invaluable, indescribably great to have. I understand this more clearly than ever before. Disclaimer: Words/text could never do the insanity of my Friday night justice, so please excuse my lack of detail. You had to be there. Anyways, so after locking my bike up and hanging out at Wyatt and Huston's for about an hour, it was time to head home. I walk outside, and my bike is nowhere to be found. I was pissed to put it lightly. To make a long, crazy story short, Wyatt sped me around LP as we chased down the piece of shit who stole my bike and actually got it back. I owe Wyatt, Huston, Charlotte, and Megan a nice dinner or something b/c they were incredible last night.
  • "Adrenaline" - Tis no secret, I'm not a big guy, a loud guy, or a real tough guy. However last night after spotting the idiot who stole from me, you couldn't tell me I wasn't any of those things. Imagine me hanging out of a car window going 40 mph down LP side streets screaming and swearing. Imagine me, all 5'8" with shoes and 150 lbs soaking wet, stepping to the cornered perp in the alley screaming "You need to gimme my shit back 'fore you get fucked up." This was me last night. The whole bike/train ride home my hands were shaking. I didn't end up getting to sleep until about 3 am.

  • "Black Tests" - The lighter side of my night. Sitting in Wyatt & Huston's basement, Charlotte checked Facebook and saw that none other than Kirk ("my name is Kirkland Penro annnnnnnndd....I'm finna fry!" Penro challenged her to figure out 'Just How Black U R'. Charlotte obliged. She didn't do half bad either, especially on such a bogus quiz. They claim black people don't care about the OJ verdict and Training Day was Denzel's best job. Ridiculous.

  • "Bad Luck" - I had my share of bad luck last night, though it quickly turned around. I lock my bike with the reverse numerical code so it only takes 4 twists to unlock it. Think 7834 => 3478. Lazy, I know, but what petty thief would think of that? Well a 20 year old white cat did last night. I was lucky and crazy enough to get my bike back, but from now on I won't cut corners. I may even get 1 or 2 more locks to put on it. Before long my bike will be looking like Mr. T.

  • "Collateral Damage" - It happens. But I had to get my bike by any means neccessary, especially with college coming up. While I was hanging out Wyatt's passenger window as he sped down Webster Street, my cap flew off. For a millisecond I considered having us go back but then common sense kicked in. Had to get the bike. Plus, what kind of question is that to ask Wyatt? Wyatt's tires and brakes too. When we cut the thief off in the alley I know they took some abuse. Drifting, no matter how minor, isn't good. Much love to Wyatt for driving like a stuntman though.

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Vanessa said...

OH MAN DALLAS! you werent lying when you said i had missed out and soo much! THIS IS EXCITING! i think after this incident, you are a man. HAHAHa i kid. WHO WAS THE BIKE STEALER??? did you beat his aassss, shawty? bahahh You are no big man but you have a big heart.

ahh yes, FRIENDS are God's way of apologizing for certain things. Such as this incident!