Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/13/08

  • "Ben Kingsley" - Otherwise known as Mr. Dr. Squires. I went to go see The Wackness last night and enjoyed it. Not the best movie I've ever seen but it was funny and the soundtrack was amazing. Kingsley was pretty good as the psychiatrist Squires, who trades sitdown time with a drug dealer, Luke, for weed. He keeps bongs in his office and home, hooks up with 20-something year old hippies in phone booths, tags his entire name and "MD" on walls, and pops pills. A real stand up guy. He knew what he was doing though. When Luke came in and said he was depressed, Squires simply asks, "Have you gotten laid recently?"

  • "Honesty" - Tell the truth. Plain and simple. True, parents don't need to know absolutely everything. But they don't expect to, at least reasonable ones. Especially when you aren't going to say to the beach and smoke, why not tell your folks the truth about where you'll be? My night was cut short yesterday after a parent called her kid's bluff about where she actually was: AMC River East. Not somebody's basement, the movie theater/re. I've done it too so lemme get off my soapbox, but you'd be surprised at the things your parents will say yes to.

  • "Girls Night Out" - I'm glad my mom gets out. Card playing, movies, whatever. It's nice to see that kids and marriage don't completely ruin your social life. However (and this is a big however), as a woman of nearly 50 it's a little concerning when your mother has a "Girls Night Out". All I heard my mom say yesterday was "See you tomorrow". And she wasn't playing around. She got back around 3 this afternoon. I'm happy for her and her friends and all that good stuff, but usually "Girls' Nights Out" rarely just feature girls. So yeah, I don't want to think about it anymore.

  • "Tanning Lotion" - As someone with a ready-made tan, tanning products in general are both a mystery and a fascination to me. In my 18 1/2 years of life, I've yet to figure out 1.) Why people are so concerned with tanning. and 2.) How the whole process works. Think about it, people with "tan" skin have had, to put it lightly, a rough go of things over the past 400 or so years. It baffles my mind when I see people spraying or laying in a spaceship-looking light box in order to be bronze. Usually when your that dark, you aren't called bronze. No bronze bubble to fill in on the ACT, catch me? But I move on. How do tanning lotions, sprays, and bed work. Is there a dye involved? How long does it last? Please, anybody who's a bronzing expert feel free to comment and educate me.
  • "Construction" - Gotta love the CTA. It took me over an hour to get from the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line to North Avenue Beach today. Slow zones were a factor. So was the sheer distance. But those are semi-acceptable reasons. After passing Chinatown, all trains were re-routed to the elevated tracks and every resident of Cook County seemed to need to ride the train. It legit took about 5 minutes b/t stops. I decided to get off at Adams & Wabash with my bike, not out of courtesy to others (psssh) but out of mild claustrophobia, and pedal to the beach. It was about 2 miles but I probably beat the train there.

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Vanessa said...

I hate when your parents call your bluff. BAHH. BTDUBS, NICE CHOICE for quote at the end of your first top five.. makes me want to ask.. ANYWAY, girl's night out ehh? Your mom .. wow, id like to cut THAT cake.. bahahah! the picture you chose for "tanning" was actualyl disgusting. When you'll see me, you'll see how wonderfully glowy i am due to natural tan. No girl wants to be pasty or pale. Clothes just don't look as good to be honest. and white, pasty people look sickly = unattractive. Which is very contrast to BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

the CTA is throwing off my life. surrriously.It needs to get like my cycle and REGULATE if you know what i mean...