Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/14/08

  • "The New Yorker" - As both a supporter of the Obamas and a reader of the magazine, I feel conflicted. I respect the art and the intention of the cover. It's satire, poking fun at the absurd fear tactics used by conservatives over the past few months. It's concerning to see such uproar over a form of comedy, no matter how subtle. I understand the Obama campaign's disgust with the cover, especially with the internet plastering the picture all over, but people are smarter than we give them credit for. If you tell them it's satire, they'll understand. Don't get me wrong, there are 100 million dumb people in this country, but stupidity includes short term memory loss. If this were October, there'd be problems. I doubt this resonates after Labor Day.

  • "Racy Pics" - Hannah Montana's next phone needs to be one without a camera. Every time I log on at AOL, she's had some more semi-naked pictures leaked. To me, the pictures are pretty classless and I refuse to put them on the site. Wtf is wrong with us when we're clammering over borderline child porn? Anyways, she's, what, 15? Kids do dumb stuff. Often. But that's why they invented the delete button. I have no clue who Hannah Montana was keeping these to show but I seriously doubt she meant for Perez Hilton to get his/her hands on them. Heck, they could be fakes. There are a lot of sick people with Photoshop skills out there.

  • "Uncle Julio's" - My favorite restaurant. Although they serve the best of my favorite type of food: Mexican. After work, momma had to run some errands and decided to treat her workers/children to a hacienda feast. Right on the corner of North & Clybourn; you can't miss the big picture of a Mexican guy, Uncle Julio himself I suppose. If you're ever there, go with the combination enchilada platter. It's a greasebomb but oh so delicious.

  • "Lil' Fest" - Shaun texted me from work today. All the message said was "I think I work w/Rhymefest's son." Let me clarify: Shaun works with his mom at U of C Lab School with preteens and younger kids, to the best of my knowledge, so he was working around Rhymefest's son. Of course I didn't believe Shaun nor this little kid so I asked him to ask Lil' Fest his dad's full name. 80% of grown hip-hop fans couldn't do that, let alone a 4th grader. Shaun texted me back: "He said it's Che Smith". Damn. He was right. So, one of two things are going on: Shaun is buddies with Rhymefest's kid, or he is playing a horrible trick on me.

  • "Naivete" - Today at work, the chilluns had a panel discussion with a family physician focused primarily on diet and its effects on the body. For the first 30 minutes they asked pretty intelligent questions, again impressing me. That was just b/c of nervousness. Nobody wants to ask a dumbass question to a professional they don't know, especially with me filming it. But after the kids loosened up, the silliness was thick. In between giggles, the kids asked the doc questions like "Is it true you'll blow up if you eat too much" and "My friend plays football and wants to know if his doctor will give him steroids". The doctor took them all well and played along. Great footage.

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Vanessa said...

I havent seen one racy picture of Hannah Montana but i'd like to just to see what all the fuss is about!

Uncle Hulios?? LA HACIENDA?! YOU GOTTA TAKE ME IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GOOOO THE PLACE JUST LOOKS SOO ENTICING! ... California Pizza Kitchen is right down the street... [nudge, nudge]