Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/15/08

  • "BBQ Breakfast" - Mmmm mmm. Had two breakfasts today. In addition to my usual buttermilk Eggos, apple, and grapes, I had two hot dogs, a burger, and some chicken. All on the clock at work, where I had to document the kiddies' trip to sponsor Dr. Jones' house in Lynwood. I guess it's better at 10 am than at 10 pm, plus I kept telling myself I nice bike ride would work it off. As you'll see, I never got to that bike ride.

  • "Gemstones" - Formerly Gemini, and Lupe's second on the mic at 1st & 15th. Should be familiar to people following local hip hop. This is overdue b/c I've been bumping his latest mixtape in the car and on the iPod regularly for the last month. It's solid, so much so you'd mistake it for an album except for the status quo recorded telephone call drops. Stones is a really talented cat and when he drops his album, Troubles Of The World, he'll blow. He's a complete artist, both rapping and (actually) singing. Plus, his rhymes have substance and versatility. I recommend checking out his first tape, Untamed Beast, in addition to the latest one. You'll marvel at the maturation in his content.
  • "Tennis" - Pretty simple. I went out to the south 'burbs to go watch my younger cousin in his first tennis tournament. If we weren't family, I doubt I'd have sat in this heat for 2 hours. Cuzo won, actually dominated in straight sets and is in the finals this Saturday. Feel free to go, I guess, but that might be awkward.

  • "Inappropriate Laughs" - Nearly everyday I read the newspaper I find a story that, while meant to be serious and likely worrisome, cracks me up. Today was a highlight. While skimming the Trib website I came across this lovely septogenarian to the left. I let you read the story and hilarious headline, but Ms. Rutterschmidt has gotten herself in a bit of trouble. How the hell do two old ladies think to do this? The most devious most seniors do is scare their great-grandkids with their dentures, not slaughter bums for insurance money. And what kind of homeless people have life insurance plans?
  • "A.C." - Momma Wright is notorious in the 11355 for her air-conditioning stinginess. Unless it's flirting with 90, all we get is an "Open the windows! Get you a nice cross breeze." Nice. Why don't we just blow on ourselves? Well today, and apparently the next few, was toasty. So long as the sun is up, the AC will be on. Nighttime it's every man for themselves.

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