Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/16/08

  • "Borders" - It blows my mind that the magazine industry hasn't completely imploded in the past 10 years. Why on EARTH would I pay $20 for a magazine subscription, when I can bike to Borders and read everything from High Times to Blender. Maybe people are too lazy. "A subscription brings the mag to you to read in the comfort of your own home," they may say. Phooey. Borders is probably a better reading environment than anywhere in my house, plus those leather chairs are pretty sweet. The only qualms I have about the Borders experience is the creepy guy masking his Penthouse inside a Motor Trend. I guess that's why the magazine business survived, you can't get the...uh....full use out of skin mags surrounded by soccer moms and smooth jazz.
  • "Singles" - Not dollar bills, though they are nice to have and nicer to spend. I mean those little packets of magical powder made by the likes of Kool-Aid and Crystal Light that you pour in a bottle of water. In terms of genius, these finish a hair behind the lightbulb and traffic signal. Sometimes you just don't feel like making an entire vat of red drink. Either you're a stingy bastard, or diabetes runs in the family. Whatever your reason, these singles are the real deal. My flavor of the moment has to be the pomegranate-cherry from Crystal Light. It tastes almost like the communion juice, only good.

  • "Overtime" - When I signed up/begged my mom to make up my job, I expected an easy stipend. Not so fast. Apparently, the bulk of my work happens off-location: At home, field trips, Christian Science (??) Health Centers. I'm currently struggling with a video editing program in an effort to craft a flashy DVD for YSP corporate sponsors. That and a slideshow, accompanied with music of course. Wonder if the big wigs upping the cash like Lil' Jon.

  • "Dan Uggla" - Congrats are due to Mr. Uggla: MLB All-Star, among the league leaders in homers, blah, blah, living 2o-years with such a terrible last name. But he's been getting shredded for the last 16 hours. Fans get to vote for the MLB All-Stars, and I guess being able to field isn't a qualification. Uggla had possibly the worst All-Star game ever last night: 3 Little League errors that loaded the bases, grounded into a huge double play, went hitless. I believe he came in second to the AL's JD Drew in MVP voting. Only thing is Uggla was on the other team.

  • "The 3rd World" - I find the term slightly offensive myself, as if those not conforming with Western values, government, and economics live on another planet, but I suppose neither does Immortal Technique. Tech's 3rd full-length release, this album is as "revolutionary" as any of his past works. You may not have heard of him or the album, and that's not an accident. Big labels and BET aren't exactly clammering to push somebody rhyming about the evils of capitalism and globalization. The man has all-world ability, and (hiyo!) 3rd world promotion. It's truly a shame, and I recommend you give him a listen. As always, please support the artist. Can't wait to see him at Rock The Bells this Saturday.


&rew said...

youre going to rock the bells?? i was considering the same. immortal technique is pretty raw, but i dont think he would even want to b promoted into the mainstream. He'd only become a part of everything he raps against.

Anonymous said...

True. Although his beef isn't with mainstream success, it's with how mainstream success has to be achieved in the industry's current state. If he could sell 10 mil while rapping about the same stuff and controlling his masters and distribution, I doubt he'd have a problem with that.

&rew said...

haha if he could do that
he wouldnt have anything to rap about