Friday, July 18, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/18/08

  • "Batavia" - (I hope) you may've noticed I didn't post yesterday. Sorry, but it's kind of hard to blog while standing in a line in the home of Fermilab. Shaun was kind enough to bless me with a ticket to a midnight IMAX showing of the Dark Knight - the first movie, or anything really, I've seen live up fully to overhype - in this Kane County paradise. We, along with Tim, Farooq, Paul, Ivan, and several others arrived a bit late (yet still 5 hours before midnight), but still got great seats. I think we may've matched Batavia's entire minority population. For real, this place is scarily suburban. If you brought a camera, snapped some footage, and made a movie out of it, the documentary could be called nothing but Pleasantville 2. No girls as good looking as Reese Witherspoon last night/this morning though, which is discouraging seeing as half of Batavia came to the theatre - likely the only thing past 9 pm to do for fun.
  • "Blast" - While literally lieing in line last night, we needed something to do besides talk about how amazing the movie would be. Ivan suggested a card game called 'Blast'. The rules and such are too numerous to put here, plus I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, so I'll pass. Thanks to Paco though for making the wait in line halfway-manageable.

  • "Failed Humor" - I appreciate good humor, regardless of how "tasteless" it may be. Since when is class important to the quality of a joke anyway? Comedy clubs aren't necessarily places you'd go looking for a gentleman/woman. And no, not all women are gentle, so that slash is needed. Back to Batavia. The pizza-faced staff let us in the theatre about 4 hours before the 12:01 am showtime, which would be 8:01 pm. About every 45 minutes, and more frequently as the countdown progressed, the staff would come in for a public service announcement. "Can we have your attention, please?" Every single time, an aspiring Dane Cook (or whatever white comic the kiddies like nowadays) couldn't resist screaming something like "No" or "Well, since you asked nicely". Hilarious, in the most unhilarious way possible. Great job prick, do you want some attention that badly? An advance Batman screening isn't the place I'd come to impress girls, just saying, so I was puzzled. They'd get some courtesy laughs here and now, but I suppose if you live somewhere like Batavia, you're looking for a reason to laugh, desperately, 24/7.
  • "Morgan Freeman" - Hollywood's favorite servant. He's been known lovingly as "the black guy in that one scene" for over 20 years now. He is the definition of a supporting actor, rarely ever the lead role. This picture is actually the look he has after each script he reads calling for him to drive around elderly white women. I've realized Freeman's master plan, however, and it makes perfect sense to me. He played servant after slave after driver after butler for all these years so that he could play the role of God in the classic Bruce Almighty. What a brilliant man. In all seriousness, Freeman is a great actor, one of the best we have, and he did a great job as Fox in The Dark Knight, in his usual role of doing white people's dirty work. I promise that's bit of race talk for the day.
  • "Frustration" - Sike! So after passing out on my couch this afternoon, I was awakened by my mom watching her daily dose of The View. It seemed almost too good to be true: I came to in the middle of right-wing darling Elisabeth Hasselbeck sobbing over her frustration with the existence of the N-word. That'd be "nigger" so we're clear. I have no problem with the discussion; race dialogue has been long overdue in this country and I find it endlessly fascinating to see people's passion about something essentially as legitimate as seperating people based on the ability to roll one's tongue. Nevertheless, Liz was a wreck. She couldn't rationalize how people of African descent in America could use "nigger" when the history of the word carries such an ugly history. I understand and agree that the history of the word isn't great, but I was raised to look at things differently. Words and their meanings change over time, it's called etymology. Their spelling and meanings also change depending on who and where it is used, it's called a dialect. I don't think any word should be forbidden to anyone. Language is as man-made as a lightbulb. And guess what. You can change both very easily, though it may be an annoyance. Don't ever be offended by the mere existence of a word. It's just a bunch of squiggly lines thrown together. Be offended by the message, the intent of the words. Words are the most peculiar of weapons on Earth. They can destroy the mightiest of men, and they can fail to harm a paraplegic toddler. And the wielder of the weapon has no say in the matter, because the victim has total control over how damaging this weapon can be.


&rew said...

what about bucket list
shawshank redemption
march of the panguins etc etc?

Dallas said...

Yea, well I mean Freeman's made movies for what 30 years? I understand that every single role he's done hasn't involved catering to people. I was just trying to poke a little fun at the way he's viewed by some people. But yes, you're correct he was a major role in those movies. Except for the penguin flick, he just narrated.

DSD said...

Elizabeth Hasselbeck pisses me off. What does the word "nigga" have to do with her? I'm sure she doesn't hear it in music, I'm sure she doesn't see it on TV. When the hell does she even come across the word? Do two of her boogie republican George Bush voting lookin ass friends occasionally let it slip?

I understand old black people getting mad about it. But random white people that the word has no effect on?