Monday, July 21, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/21/08

  • "Visits" - So I went to Evanston yesterday to visit a bunch of my old teachers from way back in my Cherub days. It was great to see a lot of them back again, though I'm bummed I missed out on the legendary John Kupetz. Much love to Sarahmaria, Mary Lou, and the one and only Roger Boye, a man's man. I also was introduced to an interesting young lady who went by Momo Z, or at least that's what everyone referred to her as. She was nice enough, but she had this strange cult-like following - a group of devotees called (this is 100% true) "The Momo Z Aristocracy" that helps Ms. Z put together a weekly Cherub newspaper. Nerdy? Quite, but it's a pretty good idea at least conceptually. I just don't see where they have the time for it.
  • "Mya" - If you live in the Chicagoland area and aren't blind and deaf, you've heard about the murder of 8-year-old Mya Lyons. Though it's probably one of the most natural things we know, death never feels that way when you're confronted with it, especially when a child is lost. But this post isn't to mourn young Mya, it's to address WVON Radio's handling of it. I forget the name of the woman's show, but this radio personality decided to make it her prerogative to scream at all her listeners. She spent about 15 minutes scolding me, my mom, and thousands of others about "harboring child killers". She blamed the lack of convictions in the year's highest-profile murders (Tinley Park, 76th & Rhodes, Mya) entirely on "the people who are sitting behind these crooks braiding their hair, or the ones inviting them over for barbecue." Really? Well, at least Jody Weiss has more sense than she does.

  • "Stalkers" - Me and Grace Clark both. I saw her in Evanston/Rogers Park randomly for the second time in about a month. The first time I was with Max & Charlotte and Grace rode past on a bike with who I guess was her boyfriend. Grace is a busy girl, so the convo was brief. But, it's always nice to see her. Then, yesterday while walking in dowtown Evanston (which is more exciting than you think), I walked past Grace while she was on her lunch break. I had headphones on and don't normally stare down everyone I pass on the street, so I walked right past her. She called out my name, we both laughed and hugged, she finished her hamburger, and we walked to The North Face so she wouldn't get fired. Congrats to Grace on knowing what she wants most and taking a gap year to travel the world. I'm beyond jealous. Don't be surprised if I run into you in Amsterdam...
  • "Surprises" - You may or may not know that I have a red t-shirt that reads "Rap - Lies = Hip Hop". I'm into that kinda stuff, simple yet thought-provoking. You also may or may not know that I went to Rock The Bells on Saturday. Well, a Tribune columnist certainly knows I was there. I was mentioned in the opening sentence of his concert review. I don't really know whether to be proud of his apparent interest in my clothing, or wierded out by the thought of some guy sitting on the lawn studying people. I'll just ride with it.

  • "Mondays" - Truly the worst day of the week. Not so much for me, seeing as I was treated to a Mexican feast at Uncle Julio's, as for my mom. We awoke to a thunderstorm, left the house late b/c she couldn't find her shoes, had to back to the house from the garage b/c she left the car keys, battle minor traffic, find the car key again b/c it fell out of my pocket and under the seat, and endure solicitations from an in-law. She's napping as I type.

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