Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/22/08

  • "GPS" - The second coolest thing man has ever created, behind Kool-Aid Singles. I had to learn at a pretty young age, maybe like 13 or 14, mostly all the Chicago grid street system. At least south of Madison. I'm glad my parents drilled navigation skills into me b/c there's not a place in the city and even some suburbs where I'd feel lost or helpless, save for the West Side haha. It's pretty impossible to feel helpless there. But to the point. Every time I'm in my parent's car I'm glued to the navigation screen, even though I know exactly where we're going and how to get there. It just fascinates me that the satellite does too.
  • "Prison" - An amazing place. Take the positive connotation out of the equation. I mean amazing as literally as possible, what goes on in there amazes me. My favorite show Lockup:Raw is a great window to life in jail. My uncle works in a Kentucky prison and for years he told me wild stories about riots, assaults, people jamming things up orifices, and all things I figured were Heineken-fueled exaggerations. Well, Lockup proves him right. TiVo it.

  • "County Fair" - My neighborhood grocery store. The Wright family prefers Dominick's and their many Fresh Values, but County Fair is okay too. It's a family-owned store and a well-run establishment, but I never feel comfortable in there. I've never been treated rudely, harassed, or followed, but I just don't feel right.

  • "Chai Tea" - I'm sipping on cup 3 of probably 5 or 6 as I type this. I've been drinking 64 ounces of tea (almost) daily for a year or so, and I try to switch it up often. It's hard to taste the same thing for an hour each day. But then I tasted chai. It's an Indian tea with cinnamon and other tasty stuff. You're supposed to sweeten it with milk, but I hate milk. Instead I use vanilla soymilk. Now on cup numero 4.

  • "Captive Audiences" - I guess alcohol laws (which are overwhelmingly ridiculous to start, but that's not the point) are the reason for this, but I always wondered why people choose to obey places of entertainment "no outside food/drink" policies. It's their place of business so I guess they have the right to turn you away, they aren't government-owned. Though unfair, it's another example of genius capitalist exploitation. Whoever thought of the "Let's charge triple the price for hot dogs and beer, and if people try to bring in their own food we'll kick them out," sales strategy is quite clever. Today at work I was with the kiddies at the Museum of Science & Industry, and you couldn't walk 30 steps without seeing a "No Food or Drink in the Museum" sign. Really? I guess that's except for the kids eating the $4 Popsicles and drinking the $3 Gatorades.


Vanessa said...

GPS can be useless when you have some stupid stupid family members who drive, like i have. It's like, you live a mile from iHop, decide to drive there with your aunt, she punches it in the GPS system, but SOMEHOW you end up in Skokie??? yeaah, i dont even know.

I love chai tea.

A story about bringing food into places such as movie theaters. The same aunt that cant get anywhere even with GPS is shameless when it comes to bringing outside food to where it's forbidden. Before a movie, she'd take us to McDonalds, buy outside candy and soda, buy a huge bag, then hide it all in there and makes the youngest member of our group carry the bag because of COURSE they wont search a 5 year old carrying a huge bag.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

bahahahaha. that's hilarious. and thanks for the texxxt support. u r a godsent