Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/24/08

  • "CPK" - Had my California Pizza Kitchen cherry popped last night. For 18 years, I thought a 3-inch thick hunk of cheese was called pizza. I've been shown the light. Admittedly, I was anxious about being charged 12 bucks for a gouda cheese and brusselprouts "pizza". But I sat down last night and the food sounded good. I decided on the Mango Tandoori Pizza. It was like a work of art; I almost didn't want to eat it. Almost. It was amazing: mangos, chiles, chicken, onions, cilantro, and this orange ambrosia sauce on top. I'da paid 30 bucks for it, like Darrius did. But that's another story.

  • "Excess" - When Darrius Yancy goes out to eat, he does it big. Real big. Sorry to put you out there like this D, but it amazed me. You spent 30 bucks yesterday! On food! Cheesy bread, and I don't know why you didn't just get a pizza, pasta, smoothies. And you put it all down. Pretty impressive.

  • "Clarity" - Seeing The Dark Knight for the second time in a week yesterday, something hit me pretty hard. It was pretty obvious, at least to me, that the director and writers were making a statement about the state of our country. Think about it (spoiler alert!): Harvey "I'll get the bad guys" Dent as Baby Bush, all the terrorist mafia leaders, the bombed buildings, and one huge thing that stuck with me. While visiting Two-Face in the hospital, the Joker dropped some knowledge on me that a.) made alotta sense and b.) is exactly how our country works. He said "People love plans. They need everything to go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying....but introduce even a little anarchy and everyone loses their minds!" Apply that to the Bush regime, the Patriot Act, the war on terror, the 2000 election, the war on drugs, basically our nation's policies after, say, 1970 and think about it.
  • "Rick Mahorn" - I'm sure you've seen it by now. This woulda been in yesterday's Top 5 but I didn't get home till 11 pm. But yeah, so Coach Mahorn of the WNBA's Detroit Shock went guerilla pimp Tuesday during a brawl. He shoved Lisa Leslie to the ground and absorbed a bunch of lady punches. I'm not surprised at the fight, they were in Detroit and WNBA players aren't known for being passive, but I'm surprised how intense it was. You can watch the footage for yourself. Of course, I'm also suprised this didn't happen on the West Side. Candace Parker is my favorite female athlete now by far. Fine, and willing to tackle a chick who steps to her.

  • "Lake Katherine" - This nature preserve in the southwest suburbs. Followed the kiddies on a field trip there today for work. They enjoyed it: they got to hike to the top and look over the waterfall, learn about and play with ferrets and rabbits, and chase a hummingbird. Twas a good day. Made for good photos too. Note: The history of the reserve is interesting. It's completely man-made. It was constructed on the land a garbage dump used to be on.


DSD said...

CPK is the shit. I end up getting something different every time I go.

Vanessa said...

wow. someone beat me to a comment?! at first glance, i though the username was DAD, and i was like.. ha, thats.. cute. but i guess not.

HELL YEAH CPK OWNS. (thats the preteen language inside of me) we are going more often in the 3 weeks of summer i have left in this beautiful city :(

Dark Knight was fantastic. How do you make a pencil disappear? ALSDKFJALSKFJA gross. Heath Ledger. I agree with Kirk, i think he should get some kind of amazing award. He was just sooooo good.

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