Friday, July 25, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/25/08

  • "Good eBay Sellers" - I rarely shop on eBay anymore. There's a lot of fake merchandise and faker people. I have a story to back this is up, so gather round. I was looking to buy some Milli Vanilli Dunks about 16 months ago and I found a guy on eBay selling a pair in my size for about $95. Perfect right? Hell no. The sad excuse for SBs I got smelled like paint remover and looked like a toddler went to town on them with a razor blade. Got my money back and I haven't been on eBay since. Until Tuesday. I had to replace the hat I lost during The Great Bike Chase, and I found the beauty in the picture for $20. A deadstock, primo leather Bulls Starter cap in mint condition. Not only did the cap come as advertised, it arrived in two business days all the way from the left coast.
  • "Pizza Capri" - Pretty delicious. This has been my second pizza meal in three chances over the last 16 hours. Capri came close, but wasn't as good as the CPK from last night. Matter of fact, the Pizza Capri I had was lukewarm and fondled by all the kiddies at work who ate first. The only reason there's a debate is b/c I ate for free.99, unlike the $15 CPK.

  • "Mini-Golf Monopoly" - Does anybody know of a place to play mini-golf in the city proper? I searched for about an hour last night for a place in the city, and the only course was at Navy Pier. What's the anti-trust law for if I have to go to the burbs just to play some putt-putt golf? I caved, and will be at Navy Pier tonight at 8 putting away money I haven't earned yet amid tourists and suburbanite families.

  • "Video Posts" - This is basically Vanessa's second straight appearance in my Top 5, which is unheard of for somebody not on Real World: Hollywood. She's the only person who sends me video posts on Facebook and they are great. I was always jealous of people who got them in the past, and my envy was well-founded. I actually pay attention to wall posts, instead of picking out the bits that interest me. I hope my new laptop has a webcam on top so I can return the favors.

  • "Blue Island" - It's not particularly exciting. Believe me I know, I can walk to this suburb. Their most famous for "Main Street", which nobody who didn't ask would ever notice b/c the street signs say Western Avenue. However, I was excited in head to Blue Island this afternoon to hit my gas station, the Shell on 119th & Western. I drove past laughing at the West Beverly shmucks (*to my Jewish friends, is that how you spell it?) paying $4.32 for their BP w/Invigorate. I'll take my $4.14 regular unleaded.

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Vanessa said...


ive never trusted eBay, probably due to popular stories like the bad one you had. Pizza Capri? Should i check it out? I'm QUITE content with just going to CPK for my gourmet pizza needs...

I think theres a really cool glow in the dark mini golf, not quite in CHicago but in the burbs.. I'll look it up and get back to you..


ps. mishyou.