Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/26/08

  • "Prodigies" - Ran into the 2015 LPGA rookie of the year yesterday playing mini-golf at Navy Pier. I'm not one to pretend I have skills I don't; that never ends well. So I had no reservations about voicing my fear of the difficult 10th hole. The cup was right on the wall and behind a rock. Insane. No sooner than I'd finished my complaint, a little girl of about 11 holed out. Perfect shot, nice touch with a little finesse. I shot a 4 on that hole.

  • "Struggles" - Kirk "My name is Kirkland Penro aaaannnnd I'm finna fry" Penro and his older brother Tim were kind enough to give me a ride to my car last night. We called Tim at about 11:30 and he said he was on his way. Great, I thought, it's like a 15 minute shot on LSD max. Nuh uh. Tim called back and said he was "lost on this circle street", which actually North Avenue just west of the LSD exit. Kirk and I finally talked him to us, but it was 12:15 by the time we got in the Blazer.
  • "Shake Clubs" - Darrius Yancy turns 18 Tuesday and I recommended a trip to the strip club/shake club/titty bar/gentlemen's club/nudie bar/all-you-can eat buffet. Before you judge, just know that not all exotic dance joints are created equal. So get that smoke-filled perv and mobster headquarters stereotype outta your head. And the cracked out scrippers stereotype too. Like Dave Chappelle said, you gotta pick your spots. And I plan on doing just that for the boy Darrius.

  • "Partying Instructors" - So after meeting with three of my old Cherub instructors and others at Panera Bread, I've realized just how weird it is to hear people you known as authority figures talking about going out. It's different than your dad saying he's going to the bar. He drinks a beer at home anyway. Your instructors never came to meetings with their hair did and downing Long Island ice teas. More power to them though, live life. Preferably in close proximity to Mary Lou Song.

  • "Mary Lou" - A legit baller. Sorry Twista. Won't put all her business out there, but Mary Lou does big things. A former Cherub instructor of mine, it still blows my mind that she was eBay's 3rd employee. Yes, so after the founder of eBay hired his screw-up little brother b/c his mom told him to, he hired Mary Lou. Crazy. Google her if you want to, but I won't tell her life story even though I know it. More importantly, Mary Lou is uber-caring and beyond nice. As evidence, for the Cherub instructor girls' night out tonight, Mary Lou chartered a party bus.


Vanessa said...

ive spent hours on youtube looking up musical prodigies. they amaze me and they are sooo cute.

and thats only the beginning...

you WOULD take darrius to a place like that. HE'S A BABY. Don't corrupt him. but then again, hasnt celeste taken care of that? hhahaaha I KID.

Is Mary Lou filipino?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha oh man that video is intense. and i think it's time darrius stepped up to the big leagues.
And she may be, I have to find a non-awkward way to ask her but I could find out.

DSD said...

I bet you if you go to a strip club and look to young, the strippers will mess w/ you and giggle at you and whatnot.