Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>>7/27/08

  • "Donk" - Gotta love Soulja Boy. Surprisingly, there wasn't any sarcasm in that last sentence. You actually should appreciate Soulja Boy. There's all the "That's not hip hop" hater talk, in which I used to regularly engage in, but think about it. How much of your favorite rappers' music doesn't reflect who they actually are? Pretty sure Rick Ross doesn't serve, he used to be on the other end of the law. I like Soulja Boy more so for his not caring what haters say than for his music, despite his quality production talents. People criticize him like he isn't 17-18 years old. He likes Bathing Ape shoes and huge asses, among other things. Is that ridiculous for a high school kid? If Will Smith started rapping again and made a record called "Booty Meat", I'd understand your beef. But not S-Beezy.
  • "Salsa" - The music and it's effects on intoxicated people, not the condiment. Tracy Jarrett got me into the NABJ convention afterparty/happy (4) hour(s) last night to meet some people and get my name out there. I can't tell her how much I appreciated it. The one guy who stuck out the most was a man by the last name Braswell from Columbia. A small guy, I introduced myself and within 10 seconds discovered several things about him: he loves Planter's cashews with his cocktails, and cannot resist salsa music or a fit young lady.

  • "Balla Cups" - Hung out with Matt Rivera last night for the first time in a while, so that was fun. More fun(ny) was his insistence on his official balla status. He clutched a huge black pimp cup all night with "$ BALLA $" hot-glued to the side and whenever someone commented on it he'd say "Man, you just wish you had the balla cup. Come correct."

  • "Zombies" - Thanks for the heads up Jarred.

  • "Megabus" - Pretty sure it's a scam; $15 for a bus ride to Indianapolis is too good to be true. I could care less though b/c it's now official, I'll be helping pass the time between everyone else going to college and myself going to college at Butler with Max. Hopefully I'll be able to stay 2 nights, although I'm sure 1 will suffice. Bus pulls out August 23rd at 8 am. I've never been so excited to reserve a bus seat beside an obese chronic snorer with severe seasonal allergies!

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