Monday, July 28, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/28/08

  • "Delusion" - Before I begin, I'll acknowledge the fact that Jim Adkisson is either deranged or drug-addicted. Regardless, when asked why he interrupted a childrens' play at his local Unitarian church with a hail of shotgun blasts, Adkisson replied with a letter expressing "his hatred of the liberal movement". The Unitarian church is known/hailed for their progressiveness, but not in Jim's insane world. Thankfully no children were shot, but the casualty total is 9 with 2 dead. It's no secret I'm not a fan of the fanaticism religion sometimes condones. This is just another example of the dark side of organized religion; unstable individuals can be moved to disastrous actions by the ideologies of others.
  • "Crestwood" - Crestwood > Blue Island. I've been hitting this south suburb ever since I moved to Morgan Park, which is about 13 years. It's a blue-collar suburb and makes no attempt to be anything but. And that's exactly why I love it. People who live south are probably familiar with burbs like Orland Park and Tinley Park and all the new white flight development and commerce. Everything looks the same. Not Blue Island, they've even got an authentic Maxwell St. Polish stand.

  • "Camp" - Camille's going to Japan Sunday. Well, actually she's going to Dent, Minnesota. But it's a Japanese immersion camp and I suspect they'll attempt to make it look as much like the land of the rising sun as possible. And yes, that is a map of Dent in it's entirety.

  • "Rev. Meeks" - I'll give him this, he'll ride or die for the underprivileged. At least as long as he isn't one of them. Still, I respect him for his passion and innovation. Meeks challenged all CPS students and their families to skip the first day of school in September and instead head to Winnetka to enroll at New Trier. I personally would pass b/c kids at New Trier are wack, but I hope this works at least so much as thousands of people showing up. As a CPS alum, I have some understanding of the shameful inequalities in our state's education system. I've seen and live by some high schools that Darfur refugees would scoff at, and I went to probably the $-per-student richest school in the CPS. New Trier isn't city mandated so they can refuse families who live outside the district, but it'll be entertaining to see Winnetka's minority population increase 10000% for a few hours.
  • "Mark Buehrle" - As every Sox fan knows, and as the legendary J-Man would say: "We need you now more than ever." Besides in '05.

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Cam said...

Maybe if Buerhle read this blog he'da pitched better today