Thursday, July 3, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/3/08

  • "Misplaced Reunions" - I saw about 20 people from my grade school graduating class last night, 10 of which I hadn't seen since graduating in '04. It was nice to catch up with everyone and see the staff members still at Lenart Regional Gifted Center. The only issue was we met at a wake for our classmate Kristin O'Brien who passed last week. I hope that if any of them are reading right now they will excuse my inability to start conversation yesterday. My mind was elsewhere.

  • "Pepper Jack Cheese" - First off I'm not a big fan of cheeses not on pizzas. I had a milk allergy as an infant and, outside of yogurt, have never been fond of dairy products. I get my calcium from OJ, the drink. Well last night at dinnertime I got a little adventurous and shocked the guys at the Merrionette Park Subway, who know my order before I get to the counter. I had them throw some pepper jack on my chicken breast footlong and toast it. I sped home and chomped into the best sandwich I'd had since, well, Monday. Amazing.
  • "Hawk Harrelson" - Clever alliteration and mocking of his nose aside, Ken is the best play-by-play guy in sports. Along with his (man of) color commentator Darrin Jackson, Hawk has been doing Sox games since '85. If you know me, you've probably dismissed me as a homer and moved to the next bullet point by now. But you can't deny the legend that is Kenny Harrelson. He invented batting gloves! And his list of trademark sayings?! They're 100 times better than the corny stuff on ESPN: "He gone!", "Stretch!", "Mercy!", "Ball 4, base hit", "___ is in the cat-bird seat", "You can put in on the boaarrrrdd...YES!!" I'd kill DJ for his (man of) color commentary spot.

  • "Cups" - Upon graduation from tee-ball, every boy is taught the invaluable benefits of the protective cup. It's a youngster's first life insurance purchase if you think about it; future kids lives are being saved, not to mention your own valuables until they hit the big time. All this to say that it blows my mind when I see headlines like the one I saw last night on ESPN. Fractured left testicle? One, I don't know if this speaks to any defect I may or may not have, but mes cajones aren't made of bone. It takes a lot of bad luck/boredom to crack em. Secondly, how on Earth didn't this dummy walk onto a big-league field without a cup? These cats are throwing 95 mph and you don't wanna wear one? Unbelievable. Soon as kids were hitting 40 mph I never left home without mine. I hope Mr. Snyder can recover from his damaged goods, but I doubt it.
  • "Hype" - !!!!!!!!!!! The greatest concert since Michael Jackson did world tours is only 16 days away! I'll get this out of the way right now, and I'm sure my readership will plummet like Chris Snyder's sperm count (I promise that's the last sperm count mention for a while). Rock The Bells > Glow In The Dark. Just look at the lineup: Nas, ATCQ, Mos, you can look at the rest b/c it makes my case for me. July 19th at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park. It is likely sold out, but I advise any and all hip hop fans to pawn whatever they can get their hands on and get there.

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