Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/6/08

  • "Marathons On Grass" - Here for two reasons. Running on about 2 hours of decent sleep, it took me about 45 minutes too long to cut my lawn today. Then, of course, there was the 6 hour Nadal-Federer epic that just finished. That blows my mind. I can't begin to wrap my mind around the ridiculous physical demands playing that much tennis requires. Not to mention intense focus for the entire time. It was Wimbeldon after all. Honestly, I have a hard time staying awake for 6 hours straight. I can't imagine competing at the highest level in front of millions for that long without some kind of breakdown.
  • "7-11" - No Photoshop tricks here. That's a Double Gulp from the place that made excess affordable. 7-11 is great not only because you can buy 64 oz of pop and insulin regulating pills at the same place, but because no matter how 'mature' you claim to be, you CANNOT contain your excitement when you see a new flavor of Slurpee. Btw, free Slurpees on Friday so hit every one of the 26 7-11's in your zip code.

  • "Cupid Shuffle" - I'm not a fan of line/group dances - Macarena, Casper Slide, Electric Slide, etc. They scream hypnosis and I don't trust it. You could be having the most engaging convo with somebody at a cook-out or wedding reception, but the second you hear Casper go "Awwww, yea!" you look up and you've been left. The Electric Slide has been out for like 35 years, but people just can't resist dancing along any and every time they hear it. All this to say that I can tolerate the Cupid Shuffle. Of course, the 'lyrics' suck and just give you orders, but it reminds me of stepping so I'll give Cupid a pass.
  • "Nasir Jones" - Somebody get the crown back to Mr. Jones quick. It's probably been hastily thrown on Wayne's promethazine-filled head, but give it back. Now. I know the Untitled, formerly Nigger as seen to the left, doesn't drop till Tuesday but everything leaks online. Nas came with some heavy ish on this effort ("I just burnt my American flag/And sent three cracker Nazis to Hell in a bag"), but he never comes across as condescending. He's almost Dead Prez political, but manages to have Chris Brown sing a hook to prevent that. Thank God. Correction, thanks God's Son aka the real Greatest Rapper Alive. Support!

  • "Skits" - As a rule, I hate albums with more than one skit. Especially in hip hop, rappers who think they're funny, or whose entourage tells them they're funny in between ass kissing, string together pointless skits featuring either simulated sex, weed smoking, and/or gunshots. Usually it's and. College Dropout & Late Registration are a couple of exceptions (I'd join Broke Phi Broke if it existed....Ghostface is always funny too), but most skits are more painful to listen to than babies crying. Cam'ron and the Diplomats are particularly bad. Skits take away valuable disc space from the actual musical product, so unless it's lung-cramp funny, why include them? And they wonder why people don't pay for music.

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Vanessa said...

I appreciate a good slurpee as much as the next person but I'll have to ask, WHERE DID ALL THE WHITE HENS GOOOOO? You need a veggie pizza? WHITE HEN'S WHERE IT'S AT. I'm not hating on the 7-11s that's for sure, I just wish they didn't go out and take over white hen...Moving on, I just learned the Cupid Shuffle this past weekend at a confirmation after party in a church basement. Real talk.