Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/7/08

  • "Streaming Live" - A sports fan's favorite two words, besides "day off". It's basically free TV streaming constantly across the internet. The NBA chose to bless those of us with high-speed connections, or neighbors with one, with live feeds from Orlando's Summer Pro League. The Bulls are among the six teams competing over the week, and Derrick Rose is playing. Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah too. I'm posting earlier than usual because the Bulls start at 3:30 pm.

  • "Superfly" - One of my favorite movies ever. I caught the tail end dock scene on Starz-Black (of course). When it comes to blaxploitation films, there's Superfly and Shaft and then everybody else. Ron O'Neal made baby-haired, light-skinned guys everywhere feel better while Shaft was the fro-rocking, dark man's hero. It's cool to watch Ron sell coke, do coke, do women, do women while doing coke, and shoot at the police, but the highlight of the movie is the soundtrack. It's the greatest soundtrack ever. Even better than Lion King. Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly" and "Pusherman" are incredible records. A lot of people don't know that Superfly's soundtrack actually outgrossed the movie itself.

  • "Ponchos" - One of the goofiest inventions ever. I guess there's no cool way to rainproof your body, but we have to be able to do better than a giant plastic bag with a hood. It's 2008 isn't it? We put a man on the moon didn't we (eh)? While on an errand at work I walked past a woman prepping herself for the stormy adventure outside. She could barely hold in the "Bet you wish you had this" grin as inside-out umbrellas were shaken out in the office lobby. Coincedentally, I could barely contain my "Jesus, you look like an ass" grin as she pulled her Dale Earnhardt Jr. poncho over her massive head.
  • "Salmon" - (Literally) fed up with the red meat, white bread, and blue Kool-Aid over the holiday weekend, my mom put her foot down. "Salmon and sea bass for dinner tonight." I think I heard broccoli and brown rice afterwards but I'm not sure. I went into celebration mode after hearing salmon. The kind of celebration you used to do after getting the Happy Meal toy you crossed your fingers through the drive-thru hoping you'd get. Salmon, wild or not, tastes incredible. Any seasoning, any topping, any sauce. I'm eating it, and yours if you get full. T-minus 4 hours till dinner.

  • "UPS" - The real Santa Claus. Whenever I see that mud-brown truck in fron of the house I get all giddy and such, despite knowing I've ordered nothing to be delivered. Still, I'll gladly sign for my dad's optometric equipment. Those little tablets are too cool. UPS dry-erase board commercials are amazing also. I'm currently waiting on a digital camera and Sony camcorder from Big Brown. UPS truck > ice cream truck.


Vanessa said...

OH MAN I'M HAVING SALMON FOR DINNER TONIGHT WITH BROCCOLI & (white) RICE. mmmmm, it's one of the few kinds of fish i actually truly enjoy (not to mention the fillet-o-fish at mcdonalds but that's a different story...)UPS is exciting when you know you order something UNTIL they go and lose it. FedEx is where it's at! hahaha

Casey Blue said...

Dallas, this blog rules. One day when you are a famous journalist beloved for his effortless wit and sweeping knowledge of pop culture/everything, I will be honored to say I read your earliest blogs and was in 2 English classes with you.

Dallas said...

I love you two