Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/8/08

  • "True Life" - My second-favorite show on MTV, behind the Real World. Odd, seeing as True Life is more real than the Real World. But Real World is what we all wish the real world was like. Back to the topic! True Life the most eclectic episode history ever. "I Street Race", "I'm A Porn Star", "I'm Going To Fat Camp". The world is full of strange, desperate, delusional people, and TR is proud to put them on uninhibited display. You couldn't make this stuff up, so MTV doesn't.

  • "Lithium" - I guess besides oxygen, lithium may our favorite element. That or carbon or hydrogen, I don't know. I do know that my life would suck without lithium. Instead of putting the children of Duracell big-wigs through college with battery purchases, I just have to plug stuff in and charge it. My cell phone, laptop, camera, iPod, camcorder, and probably other things I'm forgetting work like gangbusters thanks to this amazing element.

  • "Pablo Ozuna" - Pick yourself up Pablo. Your embarassing me. Oh for shame! The Sox designated for assignment/fired Ozuna today after Paul Konerko was activated from the DL. Since the Cuban Missile is holding down 2nd base and Carlos Quentin is Carlos Quentin, Pablo is without a roster spot. He'll likely be traded, but the news still hurts my heart. Pablo helped the Good Guys to the chip in '05 and was a fan favorite utility guy. I'd give my room to Pablo if he had no place to stay. Hands down. He helped give me a gift greater than anything I could give in return. But, he gone!

  • "BK Ads" - Contrary to popular belief, The King's identity is still unknown. The face behind the mask is not Ali Hill. Burger King has the best commercials in the food industry, by far. BK ads are to McDonald's ads as Michael Jordan is to _________. Adding to BK's all-star promotional ad team are the "Loaded Steakhouse Burger" guys. The spots are hilarious and simple, a better combo than the Double Whopper combo. In summary, a guy comes across two other guys about to enjoy the tasty burger asking each to justify their possession of the sandwich. One responds with a ridiculous story like "I saved these 73 baby chimps from an illegal exotic animal trader that lives with my mom." The other simply will say, "I just wanted one." The passerby, disgusted with the second man's inadequacy berates him. Classic, and less creepy than The King.
  • "Strongman(s)" - I stumbled across a Strongman competition on ESPN Classic this afternoon and, understandably, watched the entire hourlong show. How do these people think up these insane "events"? Pulling an airplane, carrying boulders or monster truck tires, and lifting 500 lb contraptions like the one above? Sounds more like superhero stuff to me. But these guys do it. And they dedicate their lives to training and muscle gaining while fantasizing about how far they will pull a dump truck. Nice.

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Vanessa said...

oh man dallas i miss one day and im two posts behind! OKAY. just a few comments. TRUE LIFE = love it. Have you seen the one about the girl who had tourettes living with her g-ma? holyyy moly. That was entertaining, I won't lie. I HATE BK. It's actually disgusting. The fries are gross. The pies are never served warm. bleeeeh. I'm sticking to McDonalds, sorry.