Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 7/9/08

  • "Joyrides" - Besides I guess bankruptcy and hemorrhoids, there's nothing more irritating than a wasted trip. My sister guilted me into drop her at my auntie's house, which is about a 10 minute drive down Western Ave, not even an hour ago. Camille is back home. Why so soon? Auntie wasn't home. Charging family gas money may seem extreme to you but I don't get paid till August.

  • "Brandon Jennings" - A humble, grounded young man, Brandon (apparently aka "Black Jesus") Jennings decided to withdraw from his commitment to play for the University of Arizona. Sorry Ms. Pauter!! Instead, Brandon is going to Europe to play a year of pro ball before next year's NBA Draft. Cheers for Brandon. The NCAA is a money-hungry corporation masquerading as a "student-athlete" organization. In the immortal words of Sonny Vaccaro, "Bullshit." The NCAA makes 9 figures a year marketing "student-athletes", yet cries foul when a player takes a car or some money to help his parents pay rent from a booster. I hope Brandon does well so that others will follow in his footsteps and force the NCAA and NBA's hand. If a high school grad is qualified enough to compete professionally, or at least the teams project him to be, they should be allowed to play. If the NBA didn't want this problem, they shouldn't have set Kwame Brown and the likes for life.
  • "Adaptive Technology" - I traveled to the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired this morning to document the Young Scientist Program's experience there. Aside from seeing a couple of Payton '08 graduates, Bernardo and Lilly, I was just as into the tour as the campers. The technology available and in development to aide the visually impaired is jaw-dropping. The highlight was a $2200 (not a typo) cell phone-sized device that snaps pictures of pages and, within seconds, reads them aloud. The Lighthouse helps employ over 50 VI workers and the work they do is both admirable and invaluable.

  • "One-Word Wall Posts" - LAME.

  • "DJ Roosevelt Treasurechest" - Yes, that's him to the left. A local DJ, Treasurechest has the funniest name I've seen in quite a while. He also just released one of the best mixtapes I've heard in quite a while. It's called "Just Listen...You'll Like It", and he's not lying. There's a lot of radio hits that I'd otherwise skip over, but Roosevelt's mixing and blends pretty much transform the wackness to.....well not wackness. I didn't want to use "dope" there b/c that word rekindles my hate of the East Coast. The best part of the mixtape are the hilarious drops during which various rappers botch the pronounciation. My favorite is producer Alchemist, high as high can be, telling us to support "Theodore Sizzlechest".


Vanessa said...

Good for Brandon Jennings. LOL i like how you know his life story.. creep. It's sweet that you gave your sister a ride, but why didn't she just take the bus if it was 10 minutes away? wouldnt that be cheaper than giving you gas money? And you don't get paid till August?! well i'll have to say that's a good idea because if you got paid like, now, you'd most likely waste it on (g)as, the e(l), f(o)od, (v)id(e)o game(s). CATCH MY DRIFT??? SO you can laugh when everyone is broke in the fall and you still have your paycheck. Although i guess you won't enjoy some treats from the concession stand for BATMAN ON IMAXXX!i kid. we can share.

Vanessa said...

also, don't hate on the one word posts dallas. Sometimes one word says it aaaaallll.



Babyhuey said...

bahahaha. i can't believe your innuendo (sp?)