Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/1/08

  • "Traffic" - So Lolla started this afternoon, and my readership will probably get cut in half over the next 3 days. But that's not my beef, neither is my jealously of people who are going. I gotta head downtown at headliner time (about 7:30 pm) for Darrius' birthday dinner, which unfortunately won't be followed by a titty bar visit. Of course, Lolla will have shut down pretty much every street east of Dearborn and between Balbo and Randolph. CTA here I come.

  • "Oatmeal Baths" - With my mom in Milwaukee at a card tournament, I had to pick up the dog from the groomer. $35! 35 bucks to wash a dog? You give me a dub and I'll wash my dog twice. So I asked what kind of wash the dog got. My sister quickly corrected me. Snowy had a "treatment". And not just any treatment, an oatmeal bath treatment. I'm lucky to get shampoo with conditioner in it, while my dog is living the good life. Go figure.

  • "Overreaction" - Conservative America has another bullet to aim at the Obama campaign. I'm sure you've heard about it, but the Ludacris/DJ Drama mixtape track "Politics As Usual" has everyone all in a tizzy. Sure, Luda calls Hillary a bitch, Bush retarded, and McCain old, but who hasn't. Bill Clinton has done all of those things, and probably on tape too. I think the bulk of the Baracknophobia (thanks Jon Stewart) comes from Luda wanting to "paint the White House black". And yes, that sound you hear is Barack's campaign managers scrambling to figure out how to get those white votes back. Luda also asks to be Obama's veep, which isn't a bad idea. It'll pretty much eliminate the assassination threat. Check Hannity's predictable spin here.
  • "Needles" - I finally stopped procrastinating and got my immunizations for college today. I normally handle needles well. (WARNING: COMPLETE JOKE TO FOLLOW!!) Especially when there's heroin in them. Seriously though, I don't mind shots. That is when the needle doesn't look like a baby bottle. The thing nurse Karen brought out to stick in me looked like it came from the rhino cage at Brookfield Zoo. I took it like a man though, of course, and only cried during the ride home.

  • "Bon Qui Qui" - My words won't do the video justice. Thanks Vanessa.


DSD said...

I live more or less in Gary so I see a "Bon Qui Qui" almost every time I get fast food.

My coworker said that the chick at the drive thru at the burger king by my house was talking on her cellphone when she rolled up to the window, lol.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha "Rude".