Monday, August 11, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/11/08

  • "Posters" - Free ones to be exact. My idea of interior design pretty much consists of taping large pictures on the wall. It's cheap, non-permanent (I'm sure there's a less awkward word, but eh), and allows for individuality. All this is necessary when living in a dorm. Well, instead of shelling out the $10 for a premade, copyright infringement-free poster, try making them yourself. The internet is full of do-it-yourself poster wizards. The only catch is you have to pre-assemble them before you move in.
  • "Cullen Jones" - Kudos for repping black folks across the globe last night/this morning. You all probably heard about and saw the crazy 4x100 relay final, and were probably wondering where the guy swimming the 3rd leg got his tan. That'd be melanin. I thought they'd switched to track and field events too when they profiled Jones prior to the qualifying race, but it's great to see a black swimmer at the elite level. I can only wonder if the stat he pulled out of his ass last night is true. Black people can't be 3x more likely to drown than anybody else. Count the number of times you've seen us in water higher than our shoulders...just finished, and so should you.
  • "Veins" - And if you saw the insanely overhyped and overly theatrical coverage of the men's relay finals, what was up with Phelps? I guess I'll never understand what it's like to win a gold medal, let alone a swimming race, but really? C'mon. He looked more like a character off Street Fighter than an Olympian.

  • "Scare Tactics" - I hate stories like this. I'm gonna go undercover and find some new driving safety stats. My next stories: "1200 injuries yearly in drive-thru during McDonald's 49-cent burger days" and "Turn off the Radio: Study shows that people don't pay attention when scrambling to turn off T-Pain". I'm pretty sure people know that talking distracts drivers, but so do beautiful women. And I don't see anybody clammering to ban them.
  • "Funds" - I could write a whole other blog about dumb stuff I don't understand. Now the city wanting to combat gangs is idealogically a great thing, but how many times has the city been given dough to fight gang activity. More money goes into that than the school system, and probably Cook County Hospital. I have a suspicion that this money, or the resources bought with it, will be mismanaged. I just don't know why, but I have a feeling it will.

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