Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/12/08

  • "No I.D." - I bumped Resurrection all while I cleaned my room this afternoon, and despite listening to this album at least once a week for the last 5-6 years, the production amazes me. Plus No even rhymes on a few tracks. Granted, Common's wordplay on Resurrection is his career's finest, at least to me, the production is what makes the record a classic. Head-nodders from the East Side of Stony to the West Side of Stony.

  • "Surprises" - So I was in Hyde Park last night, walking along east 56th Street right off Stony, and somebody in a car is hanging out the window yelling my name. My fellow Kappa League alum Greg Grooms of all people. I think/assume Nick Jones was driving, so if either of you are reading this lemme know if I'm right.

  • "Togas" - Never been to a toga party, never thought I'd actually ever go if invited. First time for everything I guess.

  • "Sony" - Every once in a while it hits me, life would REALLY suck if Sony didn't exist. We may as well just live in medieval times, literally or the weird venue. For example, today I've played my PlayStation on a Sony TV. Also, I'm listening to Santogold on Sony headphones as I'm typing this. Sure Sony isn't the only company selling electronics, but I bet people hold it dearer than the Dollar Menu.

  • "AM 670" - Or WSRC. Or The Score. I may only listen to it when showering, but The Score is a billion times better than the east-coast loving ESPN Radio. Plus, if you want to listen to White Sox games, you have only one option besides turning to 670: not listening to the game at all. Ed Farmer and Steve Stone will be on at 7 pm sharp in the basement tonight.

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