Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/14/08

  • "Blackface" - If you've seen Tropic Thunder, you know exactly why this made the Top 5. Robert Downey Jr. added to why he's my favorite actor of the moment, though it didn't take much since he was Tony Stark. He played an Australian Russell Crowe-ish actor so dedicated to his craft that he got his skin darkened to play a black Nam soldier. And Downey Jr. had to be hilarious, or else Al and Jesse would've come for his head. Honestly, any written description of RDJ in the best stereotyping I've ever seen dreaming about a soul food feast would be insufficient. So go see it. Immediately.
  • "Booty Sweat" - Not actual body fluid, b/c that's gross. Another Tropic Thunder reference here. It's rapper/actor/closet homosexual Alpa Chino's brand energy drink. Washes down a Bust-A-Nut bar like no other.

  • "URL Changes" - So I changed the blog's url on Monday. I tired of misspelling "decoding", and figured, hey, so might everybody else. That and "decoding" just doesn't roll off the tongue easily, no matter how long your's might be. I probably should've let people know somehow, but a Facebook notification seemed both wack and over the top. The concern makes me feel good though, I appreciate people reading this regularly.

  • "Coupons" - At any given time, I probably have more coupons in my wallet than bills. And I'm not ashamed to even say it. If somebody gives me a piece of paper for free.99 that lets me get 4 White Castles for the price of 2, I'm taking that. Every time. And don't you hate it when the worker at whatever restaurant you're at gives you attitude when you say you have a coupon? It's the worst at Subway. They hate it. Don't even offer to toast your sub. I hate it, isn't like their minimum-wage check is taking a hit b/c of my free drink w/purchase.

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