Friday, August 15, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/15/08

  • "Repetition" - I always feel like I misspell this word. But that's not why it's here. Just saw Tropic Thunder for the second time in 72 hours this afternoon. This coming after seeing Pineapple Express back-to-back last week. Both were just as good during the victory lap, especially TT. I saw it with some more seasoned individuals, meaning older people, and they kept pointing out all the lines and scenes Tropic Thunder spoofs. I just thought a fat Tom Cruise dancing to Ludacris was funny on it's own. Knowing he parodied himself from Risky Business makes it twice as funny, and Tom Cruise less weird.

  • "Banksy" - You may or may not know who he is. He's been in British news over the past month b/c of claims promising to reveal his identity. Banksy is the alias some British graffiti artist has operated under on the way to international fame. His work is doubly cool; graffiti is cool on its face, but Banksy's stencil artwork is always in some sort of social context. Got this poster, my favorite, in my room.

  • "Microwaves" - Did you know Panera Bread microwaves their hot sandwiches before putting them on the toaster thingy? I just found that out today at the Panera on 95th & Claremont. I suppose the toasting isn't even necessary, just to give the illusion of toast with the black lines on the bread. I feel like I've been lied to.

  • "Yes" - Putting this out there will probably come back to bite me, but I realize more and more each day that I'm a yes-man. Big time. I don't know if it's not wanting to disappoint people, wanting to help people (doubt it), or both, but I rarely say no to people. That will change though; not a complete, soup Nazi reversal, but I'll change.

  • "Vacation Substitute" - Just to get this outta the way, this time next week I won't be posting. I'll be on a mini-vacation of sorts. A thrift-store, swap meet, Aldi vacation. On the 21st, I'll be down at U of I helping my cousin Jillian move in. Then, the next day I'm on the Megabus to Indy to stay with Maxwell T for the weekend at Butler. So don't take the 'Daily' in 'Daily Top 5' so literally. It just sounds nice.

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Vanessa said...

BANKSY'S ART IS SOOOO cOOOL! theres a whole book of just pictures of it at urban outfitters, although that was sometime ago..

a yes man? dallas? you? REALLY?

(that was sarcastic)