Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/16/08

  • "Usain Bolt" - Probably the coolest name in sports. And a freak of nature. I got home this morning and watched the men's 100M final like 7 times in a row. It's the most incredible beatdown I've ever seen. Dude eased up with like 20M to go and it still wasn't close. Plus he broke his own world record. And he's 6'5"!! The only giant person I've seen run in real life in Max, and he's no burner I'll just say that. Can't imagine somebody of equal size and 1000 times faster.

  • "Steve's Art" - Steve has an interesting painting on his hallway wall. Only Athena and Stephanie will get this, but that's how it should be.

  • "Darwin" - Gotta read The Reluctant Mr. Darwin during the next month. Just started and I'll give the author credit, he tries to make the book easy to read. Even made the words bigger. But all I'm getting right now are finches and tortis turtles.

  • "Surrender" - I've given in. Over the last 7 days, wherever I go I either see Michael Phelps (on TV) and/or hear "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. Usually it's and. I would rather watch milk curdle don't have any issues with either of them personally, but I have limits. We still have a week of Olympics left. After Phelps wins tonight, what are they going to show? Trampolining? Well, I won't miss the features profiling each of Phelps' body parts and how they make him Aquaman. Oh, and Santogold > M.I.A.

  • "Ato" - I ran across this guy's sneaker about 9 months ago and at the time it was a bit outta my league. Both financially and style-wise; patent leather is like cologne, better suited as discrete than over the top. But I kept them on my radar, otherwise known as the bookmarks tab on Firefox. Maybe the damage would lessen after a year, b/c $300 ain't easy to part with. As of 4:05 pm today, the price hasn't dropped a dime.

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