Monday, August 18, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/18/08

  • "Bikers" - Getting to the "Refresh Your Flow" show thingy yesterday at the Park West was an adventure, to say the absolute least. Took three buses and almost 90 minutes. I got ready to open the #151's back door at the stop on Armitage and Stockton, pushed, and then BLAM! Next thing you know there is a biker splayed on the hood of the car in front of me. He got up pretty quickly and took it well, a lot better than I would've at least, and went on his way. I couldn't help but laugh about it.

  • "VIP" - I was all excited yesterday afternoon once I finally got into the Park West with my fancy laminated VIP badge. My imagination went wild: meet and greets, free stuff, groupies! Or, none of the above. The only time I felt important was when I had to flash my pass to get upstairs. It would've been much better to be down by the stage. Coulda got a free Coke t-shirt.

  • "Ben Gordon" - Glad to have you, but one less undersized, turnover-prone guard can't hurt the Bulls. Ever heard of addition by subtraction?

  • "Bacci's" - For old times' sake, headed to Bacci's on North & Clybourn for lunch this afternoon. Best $5 you can spend. At least on food. Plus I saw C-Byrd and Eversley there.

  • "Webcams" - This will make you happy Vanessa. My new laptop just came in this morning and I just wrapped of the hour-long transfer of all 54 GB of my music from my old computer to this new one. The new one is pretty much the same: HP, black, etc. Just more powerful and it has a webcam, which I've yet to figure out how to work. The whole webcam thing kinda is sketchy to me b/c I always associate it with attention-deprived 20 year olds stripping on them to pay junior college tuition. Not surprisingly, I'm tossing around the idea of making 5 video posts for the blog (accompanied by like 2 sentences, links) instead of just paragraphs. Good idea?

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Vanessa said...

you should always feel important! vip badge or noooot! bahahah

mmmm, bacci's. im like, hungry all the time and the picture looked so appealing. damn college life.

HELL YEAAAAAH WEBCAAAAAAAMS. now we will see eachother via webcam and it will be as if we arent even apart!