Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/19/08

  • "Timing" - So yesterday I put '"VIP" in the Top 5 jokingly b/c the only perk I got at the Lupe show was an unobstructed view. What a difference following directions woulda made, lemme tell you. After standing in line for an hour outside the Park West, I realized that there was a separate VIP line. What I didn't realize that the hour I wasted on Armitage could've been spent meeting and greeting with 1st & 15th. Ugh.

  • "Sugar Ray" - The boxer, not the wack 90s band. The Sugar was the best boxer ever. Better than Ali. He isn't as socially significant as Ali, no conversion to Islam, refusal to enlist, etc, but he was a more talented boxer. I've been looking for a long time for some footage on him, failing to realize that Youtube didn't exist in the 50s, but trust me. This guy had it all.

  • "Vista" - So my new laptop came with Vista. I'd heard all the jokes about how many bugs there are in it, and seen the "Hi, I'm an Apple" commercials, but I like it. It really isn't noticeably different from Windows XP, it just looks nicer. That, and I can have a nifty little Tetris knockoff embedded on my desktop to pass the time.

  • "I-57 Rib House" - I gave it up when I swore off fast, fried food, but driving past this place on the e-way makes that decision mucho difficult. It's like barbecue triggers some involuntary reaction in my brain. It's on 115th Street, right off I-57 (hence the name), and during dinner hours you can smell the smoke for miles.The over/under on your wait will be about 2 hours, but once that sauce gets in you it's irrelevant.

  • "'Toine" - Antoine Walker needs some new friends, ones that aren't targets of gunfire. First, 'Toine was robbed at gunpoint in his home last year. Now, his camp his being linked to the shooting that happened outside the Rock n Roll Mickey D's yesterday. They aren't even open at 4 am 'Toine! As slow as he is, Walker is really testing his luck. Last time I checked, bullets move faster than obese small forwards.

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