Monday, August 25, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/25/08

  • "Chili's" - During my last hours down at Butler, we went to Chili's. Under normal circumstances, I would've ordered a grilled chicken or fish dish and wrapped it up. But I was seeing the sights; when at Butler, do as Bulldogs do. Me, Max, and 3 other Phi Psi cats put down chips & salsa, bacon cheese fries, and BBQ burgers like Kobayashi. Needless to say I was full until I woke up the next morning.

  • "Bubb Rubb" - At least every 15 minutes in the Phi Psi house, somebody was yelling "It's that wooo wooooo!" or "...that's only in the mo'nin." Usually they came one after the other. You all have probably seen this clip, it's nothing new and crazy famous, but it cracks me up every time I watch it.

  • "Jelly" - The endlessly fascinating iTunes visualization. Works wonders at 2:30 am.

  • "Charlie" - The Phi Psi house dog. Pretty laid back, considering he's living with 50 people and entertaining 200 more visitors through all times of night.

  • "Yung Berg" - No, that isn't Yung Berg in the picture. But it is his chain. The good samaritan sporting it for the camera is a fellow by the name of Trick Trick. He's affliated with the isn't this 2008? Goon Squad, who put the hands to Berg over the weekend after he was talking reckless during an interview about Bumpy Johnson. The rapper, not the dead gangster. If it were the real Bump, YB may still be horizontal if you catch my drift.

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