Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/26/08

  • "Assassination" - It's fair game. Just read about a story reporting on 3 Denver meth connoisseurs citizens who were arrested in connection with a plot to kill Barack Obama. Now it's not like they got these guys 30 feet from Barack's tour bus, but it's serious. And it's not the first time, nor will it be the last. I'm already nervous right now, so I'm sure come November, December, etc. I'll be a wreck. Think about it, if Satan Ronald Reagan can catch a bullet in front of the White House, the first black President won't be getting much sleep.

  • "Pepsi" - I wonder how much they paid for the naming rights to that Denver arena. Whatever it was it's been well worth it. Can't go 30 seconds w/o hearing "Pepsi Center" on CNN/MSNBC/CSPAN. I guarantee those execs weren't salivating over the Nuggets when they bought the naming rights. They had bigger plans.

  • "Sissies" - This story has been all over the place since it broke. Long, pathetic story short: Parents say Little Leaguer too good to play. Seriously. This is doesn't make sense to me, America is a nation built from cutthroat competition and inhumane lack of mercy. Don't want to work for minimum wage? Fine, we'll outsource your gig to Bangladesh. Own a family business? We'll see what Target has to say about that. All this tough love, yet little kids over here are Charmin soft. Their egotistical parents too. If your kid can't hit a pitch, baseball probably isn't their thing.

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iMiA! said...

you're amazing and hilarious.

they really did say Pepsi a million times. when Barack came out as the "surprise" unfolded, the announcer said he was in the Pepsi stadium and i remember thinking, what the fuck does that matter?

also i love your crossed out words and thanks for the movie recommendation.

this is just like xanga, just better. hahaha.