Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/27/08

  • "Evolution" - I just finished my required Charles Darwin bio, and it struck me just how confrontational a concept evolution really is. Since forever, at least from what I've learned in school, people have set themselves apart from not just all other animals, but all other organisms. Darwin and others basically used research and logic to present an argument tuning that sense of superiority on its head. I won't include the theory in this post for expediency's sake, but I can't think of any other idea in history that makes people more uncomfortable.

  • "Spirituality" - I did a lot of thinking today, more than usual I think. To me, the primary reason many people are so distressed by evolution is spirituality. Evolution at best reduces the role of a creator to an inconceivable something that has no stake in our lives. Natural selection argues that life, and essentially the Universe, is run not by a divine being but by laws of inter-species competition. Heavy stuff. Upsetting stuff for those of strong faith. I have no beef with spirituality; it's a beautiful thing, and I'm fascinated with what in the human mind triggers us to credit everything around us to an invisible, all-powerful....thing. But it's an idea, as is evolutionary theory. According to a list of spiritual of beliefs, or lack thereof, I guess I'm labeled as agnostic with atheist tendencies. I don't know what to believe.

  • "Hillary" - Alright enough of the philosophical stuff. I know some of you saw Hildog's speech last night at the GNC vitamin shoppe. I'll give it to her speechwriters, twas a damn good speech. Hopefully the rest of her more retarded followers will grow up and vote. Did anybody else catch her gratuitous "with her bald head" description of a cancer patient?

  • "Watches" - Never owned a watch in my life. So naturally I sprung for this G-Shock last night. Impulse + debit cards = future desperate visits to the sperm bank.

  • "Scottie Pippen" - Granted growing up in 1990s Chicago tosses my objectivity outta the window, but Scottie is the most underrated player ever. Of all time, just ask Pat Ewing. And I know he made the 50 Greatest Team. If he didn't play with the G.O.A.T., the Bulls woulda still been a chip threat (see 1994-95). Scottie coulda averaged 25, 8, 8, and 3 steals if he saw the touches Mike did. Plus, he was the best defender in the league. 6'8" and quicker than most guards. People forget he was the one who locked up Magic in the '91 Finals. He could guard and play 3 positions, plus rocked the high-top fade. Like Mike, there hasn't been anyone like him since. Much love to the Seattle Sonics.


DSD said...

Was that required reading?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

most definitely. i can count on my hand the number of books I've read for leisure.

It may be just Medill though

DSD said...

We got the book in McCormick, but I got the impression that it was optional.