Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/28/08

  • "Hugfest" - Unity has been the theme of this year's GNC, and leave it to Illinois legislators to take it melodramatically overboard. Jesse Jackson Jr., in full "I want Barack's Senate seat come November" mode, called on King Richard, Governor Blagojevich, and Mike Madigan to join him and hug it out. J3 then proceeded to tear up.

  • "Millionaire" - As in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". Believe it or not, this show still comes on. Remember like 26 years ago when this was the primetime TV event? I caught my sister watching a lady trying for a $250k answer. I then realized a.) why Millionaire competes with Steve Wilkos for viewers and b.) how rigged game shows are. This lady's question read as follows: "To pay off the nation's debt, each citizen would have to contribute how much money?" First off, nobody knows the exact figure b/c the government would never tell us the true amount. Also, the average person either doesn't know the country's legal population or how to divide numbers with more than 4 digits. Likely both. She took her $100k and bounced. She was smarter than she let on.

  • "TBG" - As in the clothing line, Too Black Guys. These guys started back in the early 90s in Canada and their ability to make light of subjects many people cringe at is admirable. Never gratuitous, always creative is their M.O. Here's the largest collection of apparel online I could find. Scroll down "search by brand" to TBG. If you decide to buy, use the promo code "allbetter" for $10 off.

  • "Requirements" - I'm beginning to get annoyed with Medill's tech requirements. First, they take away my Vista. Then, they force me to spring for MS Office Pro 2007. There's other stuff but the list frustrates me lets move on.

  • "Salvation Army" - If you're like me, you have about 20 t-shirts too many. Ones you caught at the Bulls game, ones you got for free from camp, ones 3 sizes too big your aunt brought back from Nashville. Give em away. Pants and shoes too. Half the sneakers I own, actual numbers aren't important here, I don't wear anymore. I'm dropping them off tomorrow. If you can resell your rarely-worn stuff on consignment, then ignore these last 80 or so words and get your money.


DSD said...

I was a big Jerry fan back, but Steve was much better as Jerry's bitch.

He's like a Chicago cop on steroids... or is that actually what he is?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Yea his show is the closest to unwatchable I've seen. All he does is berate pedophiles. And I think he used to be a cop but idk for sure.

I do know he is a Lane Tech alum. One of their finer products if you ask me.