Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/29/08

  • "Politics" - It's weird for me when I watch the developments of this Presidential race unfold. It's just like the week before class president elections in high school, just with older people and TV cameras. People say what you want to hear and align themselves simply for the sake of votes. Did McCain's veep actually enter beauty pageants? That's pretty cool, I guess.

  • "Women's Shopping" - It's just a totally different experience than guys. I accompanied my mom and little sis, who was shopping for her 16th birthday on Sunday, to Macy's, Express, and other stores. The sizing system seems so complex and there are actual lines for the dressing room. I felt obligated to humor them since I leave for college and all, but it was rough.

  • "Malls" - We went to Orland Park Shopping Centre to follow my sister around and carry her bags. Pretentious name-spelling aside, I was reminded minute by minute just how much of not a mall person I am. There's just too much going on. And everything is a sale; how can that be, looks to me just like you're selling cheap stuff. It also hit me just how much different Ford City and Evergreen Plaza are from the....less urban shopping centres. It's actually upsetting. I understand the whole "cater to the audience" argument, but really, some upscale stores could thrive at The Plaza. How many discount phone accessory shops can one mall support anyway?

  • "AZ" - The only rapper besides Nas on Illmatic. He's been putting out records since the early 90s too, I think there've been 8, none finer than Doe or Die. Probably one of the most underrated, underappreciated artists out there.

  • "Ocho Cinco" - I thought Chad was just joking with this, just another thing for him to fool around with for a season or two. I mean, 85 in Spanish is "ochenta y cinco" for Christ's sake not "ocho cinco". But, I guess he was for really real.

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