Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/3/08

  • "Gs" - Reality TVs finest creation since Midget Mac. Sure it's MTV and 12 outta the 14 "Gs" probably got beat up daily in high school, but the show is hilarious nonetheless. You can really tell how phony the casting is when the "Gs", swearing they're from the "hood", read the Daily Gent with perfect inflection and pronunciation. A bunch of wannagees, as Fonzworth would put it. The only exception is Creepa from Miami. It may just be b/c anybody with a Trick Daddy Southern accent and a grill can pass for a thug, but he backs up his shit with real goonism. He never takes off his sunglasses/"hater blockers" and challenged every "G" in the house to admit who the 1 person was who voted for his release. Nobody spoke up. Goon nation.
  • "Conflicts" - It's really hard to schedule things with more than 10 people. That is all.

  • "2nd Place" - So the Sox gave away first place this weekend after a pair of beatdowns in KC Mo. It'll be interesting to see how they respond to chasing instead of leading, but from the looks of things the Good Guys are gonna have to score about 10 runs to stay in games.

  • "Tears" - People always talk about how men need to be comfortable with crying and all that wack shit. No matter what, whenever I see a grown man boohooing I can't help but either feeling uncomfortable as hell or struggling to hold in the laughs. "That's so sexist, this is 2008!" Whatever, a grown-ass man can hold those tears in till commercial break.

  • "Rumors" - Got a call last night talking about Bernie Mac died. I flipped. I wasn't at home so there was no way I could check, but my fears were put to rest this morning when I read the truth. Thank goodness Mr. Mac isn't gone.


DSD said...

It's probably irrational, but I still feel like crying as a whole is a pussy ass thing to do. Even for girls, imo. It doesn't really do much for you, so why bother?

But yep, grown men like outright bawling are pretty disturbing outside of funerals (and a little inside)

casey blue said...

if i were a grown man right now i'd be bawling about the white sox losing first. luckily i'm a girl and obviously i never cry. nope, never.