Monday, August 4, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/4/08

  • "Bonding" - I love my auntie, don't get me wrong. But if you know me, you know how much I complain about how my parents never going out of town. Well, as I type this, my mom is dominating the senior bridge circuit in Milwaukee while my dad is in the passenger seat somewhere in Minnesota with a map in his lap and road trip breath in his mouth. Party at my house right? Nope, my mom slyly pumped my aunt's head up. "You and Dallas should hang out Monday. You know, he's going away to school in 6 weeks."

  • "Ism" - It's that unquantifiable something that a pimp has that allows him to convince a grown-ass woman to work the ho-stroll for 13 hours and give up all the dough. All of it. No deals. I watched one of my favorite movies, American Pimp, this afternoon at my auntie's and it never fails to fascinate me. The featured cats were so quick with the mouth you'd think the lines were rehearsed. I don't necessarily agree with the way alot of pimping and ho-ing works (drug abuse, violence, etc.), but I dare you to watch this guy and not laugh.

  • "Spread" - Short for "speed read" in debate circles. I watched another good documentary last night with my old lady about high school debate. Resolved pretty much solidified all my stereotypes about debate kids. Except for the ones at Payton I know personally, and any other master debaters reading this. You guys are fine. But the kids in this film are nuts. They train to read at speeds incomprehensible to non-Star Trek fans, and spend 11 hours at school practicing. I've never spent 11 hours doing any one thing, not even sleeping.
  • "Dell" - I'll give it to them. The 4+ calls a day from customer service in Bangladesh are beyond annoying, but it shows they've trained their third-world outsourcees to care.

  • "Fame" - People magazine really paid 14 million bones for the rights to some baby pictures? I don't care if they were Angelina Jolie's seeds. I could give a fuck less, but I'm about to get on my soapbox. $14 million?! We complain about how effed up public schools are and about job crises and such, but then spend this kind of money on baby pictures? I don't care if Bigfoot and Tupac had a kid, and yes Bigfoot is a girl, you don't pay $14 million for the photos.

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Vanessa said...

ew DELLLL. so you got your laptop? how about you send a video post my way? ehhh?

tell me why brangelina think babies are souvenirs cus theyre not. too many babies. and she's still toooo fine. how does she do it