Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/6/08

  • "Flaws" - Gonna keep it vague here, but I really need to work on something in my personality. Gotta start gathering the nerve to make the first move. That's all I'll say about that. As of now I'm still a perfect gentleman Fhatarah haha.

  • "Bobb" - So I finally got my housing assignment from Northwestern yesterday, and it was well worth the wait. They honored my roommate request and stuck us in the dual-building complex on North campus: Bobb-McCollugh (sp?). Regardless of how you spell it, there won't be much sleep going on come September 16th.

  • "Ozzie" - Last night/this morning, me and about 36,000 other people enjoyed a 5 hour, 14 inning White Sox winner. Sure Nick Swisher hit the walk-off and Carlos Quentin and Orlando Cabrera had 4 hits apiece, but Ozzie was the reason the Good Guys won. And he wasn't even in the building. He started serving a suspension for "making contact" with umps during the chaos in KC over the weekend, and probably for the threats he made too. Seems like whenever Ozzie blows up or gets suspended, good things happen.

  • "White Castle" - Another repeat offender. The one on 35th & King Drive to be specific. After the game, me, Kirk "My name is Kirkland Penro aaaaaannndd I'm finna fry!" Penro, Darrius, and Kirk's cousin Maurice walked over there to spend our food money wisely. Or at least as wisely as you can buying $9 worth of mozzarella sticks. It was about 12:30 am, and I guess peak business hours. There were about ten people in there, half bums. One guy jibberished us for a solid dollar to replace his quarters, another panhandled on the other side. This other guy was as high as humanly possible, his eyes were as red as these letters. My total: $8.74.

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DSD said...

Why is it that whenever you go to a fast food restaurant after 10:00 pm there's always a group of black people standing around outside? Lmfao, maybe it's just cuz I live more or less in Gary.

And also, I love partying and whatnot, but my sister told me not to live in Bobb because they don't clean on weekends, weekends are where the partying/drunkenness generally happens, and where there is drunkenness, there is vomit. Vomit + Hallway + Friday + Saturday + Sunday = Old smelly vomit. No thanks. I think I'll make the commute from Elder, lmao.