Thursday, August 7, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/7/08

  • "Cold Showers" - I tend to think too much when I try to go to sleep. It's the quiet I guess. I think I was in bed for 3 hours before I finally conked out. Well, staying up super late is never pretty the next morning. I got up this afternoon feeling like I'd waken up from a coma. Nothing wakes you up quicker than a cold shower. Trust me.

  • "Detroit" - I know what you're thinking. "Dallas you always trash (pun well intended) the West Side. Have you seen Detroit!?" 1.) Yes. 2.) Sit tight and let me explain. My past 24 hours have been made quite enjoyable by things coming outta Detroit, as off as that sounds. I've been bumping the new Elzhi that drops next Tuesday and my favorite producer-rapper Black Milk, plus the Tigers are making the Good Guys look like world beaters.

  • "MB Usage" - I found out today that the quality businesspeople over at Verizon charge their customers to use their phone's memory. Or that's what I got from my conversation with the robotic customer service agent. $7 bucks for media messaging transfers. Capitalism is something else.

  • "RIAA" - They're the UN of....well....I can't think anything but the Recording Industry Association of America is a joke. They talk a big game and claim authority, but they never seem to back up their word with actions. I steadfastly believe that if you like an artist and/or an album, you should lend your support and pay for it. I say this, yet I "pirate" 99% of the albums I buy prior to purchasing. Just to see if I like it. If I skip more than 4 songs, it's a no-go. Pirating is probably easier than ever, albums (usually intentionally) leak all the time and hosts like Rapidshare, Megaupload, and Zshare are gold mines stocked with free music. What happened to all those lawsuits?

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Vanessa said...

omg. the day i lost power in my house because of the storm (monday night?) i had NO hot water. i agree completely with on that one.

when i went to Michigan sunday, I was rolling through Detroit. It was awful. I have never seen a more trashiest place, ever. Have you ever been??