Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 8/9/08

  • "Overkill" - Just got in from my 536th trunk party of the summer. If I never see a sheet cake or college-themed balloons again in life I couldn't be happier. Hopefully tomorrow is my last one. Don't expect much though Kirk, I'm not working.

  • "Weed" - Not what you think. I saw Pineapple Express last night (stone cold sober), and it really made me appreciate the creative benefits of marijuana. People must really love weed to make million-dollar movies based on it, and it makes for some great characters - James Franco was hi-larious. I recommend seeing it ASAP, but indulge beforehand. It'll help you accept the insanity onscreen.

  • "Spike Lee" - My favorite filmmaker. I forget the title of the movie preview I saw last night, but lots of people got shot and it looked super cool. Plus, gotta give Spike credit for having the balls to make movies his way: black. He tells the stories people either don't know or don't wanna know, and always masterfully. Just check out his resume. Legendary. Plus he starred in the best Nike commercial ever.

  • "Handball" - Just found out via RedEye that handball is an Olympic sport. If you went to Payton and participated in gym class, yes, that handball. It's probably 1000 times more intense than Team Sports, but it still would be fun to give it a shot. If they can have a U.S. Olympic squad, why can't they have handball teams at school?

  • "Sarcasm" - So a few seconds ago my mom walked in lugging a suitcase and yelling "I'm just fine, don't worry about me." Fair, and obviously sarcastic, so I got the point. But then the floodgates opened up. She kept saying it, and a couple variations of it. Sarcasm rule numero uno: Less is more.

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DSD said...

Pineapple Express looked like it'd suck. I'll check it out since you've put in some good word for it.