Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/10/08

  • "Diddy" - Or whatever he's currently going by. I'm not taking a complete shot at Senor Combs; his is a type of fame I can't even begin to comprehend, plus he's bedded Jennifer Lopez in her prime and possibly Cassie. God help us if that's true; fame works wonders.You know you're somebody when millions of people watch a TV show named for your search for a new slave. Hopefully your man/woman/woman-that-used-to-be-a-man servants have better futures than your Bad Boy artists. Maronzio Vance exposed you Diddy.
  • "Megalodon" - Learned about it in the shark book I gotta read for school. A million words wouldn't do it justice.
  • "Robots" - Why don't we have them in our homes yet? In 16 months it'll be 2010, and outside of cable, satellite technology, the internet, deep sea and space exploration, and the George Foreman Grill, civilization has stalled. Okay well things have changed I guess, but where are the robot slaves, hovercars, and such? If we went back in time, say to the 60s, and the coolest thing we had to show from the year 2010 was the 6th generation iPhone, I'd bet Lucy & Ricky wouldn't be impressed.
  • "" - Not the freshest or the largest selection, unless you're a Crocs buff. But there are some gems; those Reebok Reverse Jams I bought Sunday night for $65 just got here. Free 3-day shipping? I'll suffer through Asics ads for that.
  • "High Fashion" - I'm sure there was a perfectly good, couture-worshipping explanation for this. At least I hope. I don't have anything against knickers, or guys who aren't pirates wearing leather knee-high boots, but really Lupe? This isn't the best way to get people outside of Rodeo Drive excited about your new label.


DSD said...

Lupe left the house like that for real? I kinda wanna cry now.

And about Puff Daddy(I still call him that. I don't believe in name changes, lol.), apparently he lied and said that he has to fly commercial because he can't afford gas for his private jet but some people in the private jet industry said they have every registered jet and all registered owners and he doesn't have one and has never had one. So Puff's spokesman came back and said that he owned a small share in a private jet rental company. Comedy.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Yea I was mad Lupe dressed for Halloween 6 weeks early too.

And about Puffy, that's priceless. Stock in a private jet rental company haha.