Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/15/08

  • "Tumi" It took 19 years, but I finally exposed my parents. All the attempts to convince me we lived a middle-class lifestyle (w/e the hell that even means) down the drain. Modest allowances, occassional vacation-less summers and holiday breaks, the "we're going to the store, and don't dare ask me for a thing" debriefings in the car as a child all erased as I ventured to the basement this morning to gather the luggage to pack my life away. A Tumi suitcase staring me right in the face.
  • "Absentee Voting" Since my residence and my voting district are exactly 35.6 miles and at least 2 hours on public transit apart, I figured I'd be able to absentee vote in Evanston. Election Day is a Tuesday and there's no way I could vote w/o having to cut class. Not saying missing the lesson covering the numbers 20-50 in 100 Level Spanish would kill me, but riding the Red Line in it's segregated, slow-zone riddled entirety would. It's at least 4 hours round trip. It takes less time to fly to LA, and I get a Sprite on the plane. Turns out the brain trust we elect to run our government hasn't given me that choice. To absentee vote, one must be outside their voting county. Evanston, unfortunately for so many reasons, is in Crook Cook County and so I'll either have to early vote or make the voyage on Nov. 4th.
  • "The Sun" Glad to finally see it. I kept an exact count of how many hours straight it rained in the 60643 over the weekend. Not saying we hit O'Hare numbers, but it rained at least 40 hours straight. I don't sleep with one eye open, nor do I keep a tally of how many hours I sleep, so I'll give that 40 a +/- 5.
  • "Biters" I grow tired of things pretty quickly. It's a character flaw in some cases (classes, relatives, this blog *sike!*, politics), but I think I'm justified in being fed up with rappers "freestyling" over the hottest songs' instrumentals. First off, if you want me to believe that Officer Rick Ross or somebody named Young Chris can go off the dome for 2 minutes, you're mistaken. Second of all, and I'm going to specifically deal with "A Milli" and "Paper Planes", there is a such thing as overkill. I liked both of those songs the first 10 or so times I heard them; the production is especially good b/c they follow a golden rule, less is more. But that quickly ended after "freestyle" after "freestyle" flooded the Internet.
  • "Greg Olson" I'm a homer, and so I have no shame in admitting I spend 3 hours every Sunday watching the mostly unwatchable Bears. I always feel dumb for throwing the remote and cussing John St. Clair every 7 days, when I cannot say without a chuckle that the Bears are capable of more than 7 wins. Greg Olson made the list today b/c...well, if you watched the game or read newspapers you know. Holiday season is a few month away, but I'm glad to see Marky Mark in shoulder pads is in such a charitable mood.

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