Friday, September 19, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/18/08

  • "Hikes" I think I walked about 4 miles over the course of the last night. It was nuts. Like the Trail of Tears, only minus the white supremacy, rape, and bare feet. But everything else was pretty much right on. Really gotta figure out a consistent place to spend nights out before the hawk (definition 6) gets here.
  • "Easy Schedules" Yesterday I hinted at the "Daily" in "Daily Top 5" could potentially turn into a "weekly" if you're lucky less of a literal name. Well, just finished enrolling in my classes and it looks like I overestimated how much my schedule would suck. Nothing for me earlier than 11 am, nothing later than 4 pm. Beautiful.
  • "Food" My unlimited meal plan finally kicked in. I won't get too huge though. The local stir fry place and sushi place take the NU card.
  • "R. Kelly" A real creep. Makes me wonder 1.) If he realized the camera was rolling when he started talking reckless. 2.) How anybody can justify being an R. Kelly fan. Warning, mad fuckery ensues right here. Annnnnnnd Funk Flex gives the R that ether treatment here.
  • "UPS" A repeat offender here. My bike wheels finally came!

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DSD said...

Lmfao @ the Trail of Tears reference.