Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/2/08

  • "Boycotts" - If you live in Chicago and even walked past a newspaper in the past month, you know about the James Meeks-led CPS boycott scheduled for today. If you drank the media Kool-Aid, you'd expect thousands of kids and their parents storming the manicured streets of Winnetka. Reverend Meeks sure expected it. Well, he was short a few zeros. Reports counted about 50 kids ready to protest at New Trier. Man, this is gonna be looked at 10 years from now as the Coke II of boycotts. I guess some things don't get better over time. Thank God Meeks wasn't organizing boycotts back in the '60s. Black people would still be at the back of the bus.

  • "Habachi" - Gilbert Arena's alter ego. I like Gilbert; quirky athletes like him make sports more interesting. But, he's a bonehead. A major-league dumbass. Here's his take on the election: "It’s hard for me to vote, because since I’ve been in the NBA I’ve been in the upper class so I’ve been a Republican. If you have any type of money, you’re a Republican, period. So, it’s hard because you see a better looking president in Obama – I don’t even want to say because he’s black, but he just looks the part – and then you have McCain who is Republican and I’m like, man. I know Obama is going to raise taxes on the upper class from 20-60 percent, that’s what I’m looking at. To be honest, I stopped paying attention a long time ago when it was Bush and Gore when Gore won the popular vote, but Bush was the president." Is that all it takes to be a Republican? Eff it, I'm dropping outta school now then. That, or take out a giant loan.
  • "Comcast" - They suck. I'm not even paying for the cable and internet at our house, so I dunno how my parents are putting up with it. The cable box freezes up if you press more than 3 buttons in a minute, and the wireless goes on lunch break when I do. Now, they want to limit internet use? How about limiting the number of times the cable guy has to come out and fix our no-good stuff? This is as clear a sign as I need that the Mayans were right.

  • "Skyway" - They make BMX wheels. I can't get into the whole fixy trend. I always thought vehicles were supposed to have brakes. But that's just me. Plus, if you aren't a bike messenger or bike messenger in training, why get one? You might say, "Dallas, I didn't see you on the X-Games this summer. Why do you have a BMX bike?" To your question I say this: I've attempted to learn a few tricks, how many businesses have you delivered Jimmy John's sandwiches to?

  • "Gustav" - I'm glad the meteorologists whiffed on this one. New Orleans probably won't ever recover from Katrina b/c there are too many poor people there and money talks in this country. The last thing those people needed was 20 more feet of water.

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