Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/23/08

  • "Friends" Any other day I was woken up by text messages at 7:45 am and bombarded by 49 notifications every time I logged onto Facebook I would hunt you down be a little annoyed. But I just wanted to directly thank all of the good folks out there who took time to wish me a happy 19th birthday, including someone who I'd just friended that day from Seattle.......and indirectly thank all of you who read this blog b/c if you didn't you'll never know I thanked you guys.
  • "Car Sleepers" This is a "you had to be there situation", so here are the cliff notes. My birthday night, Sunday night, I was walking to an Alpha (clarification for the black Greek retarded) party with friends. We spot an old man asleep at the wheel, perfectly parallel parked in front of a house. We were creeped out, but assumed he lived there and got home past bedtime and so we kept amovin'. So, at about 1:30 am, I was walking Michelle Cajigas back to her dorm (keep it clean) and dude is still there. Same position; mouth wide open and eyes semi-shut. I flipped and thought maybe he croaked. So Michelle brave Michelle walks up to the car, I follow, we both knock on the window. No response. Then, Michelle tries to open his door and the guy wakes up and freaks out. It was priceless. Michelle & I booked down Ridge and laughed all the way to her building.
  • "NU Alpha's" Nice enough guys. They showed me a great time on my birthday. Interested in pledging? Maybe. Especially if they keep offering no frills cash scholarships.
  • "NUTV" I gotta watch TV through the internet in college. It's weird, but I'll have to adjust for the HUGE Sox-Twinkies series tonight. No socializing for me after 7 pm. And if the Sox lose, well, I don't really even want to contemplate that.
  • "Psych 105" If I had 3 fingers, I could count the number of times I've anticipated lab sessions. Psych is one of those fingers. Eli Finkel is the man.

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