Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/29/08

  • "Requests" I don't really like honoring them. I like for this list to be as random as the day's events were, and requests kind of defeat the purpose. BUT, my eyes were opened at the BK Lounge late Saturday/early Sunday morning over an 8 piece chicken crowns and small vanilla shake. The people I spend the overwhelming majority of every day with haven't been mentioned in the Top 5. For the sake of expediency, and to avoid forgetting somebody, I'll leave names outta this. But just know that all you Iron Man hat wearing, beer pong dynasty partner, 8 minute faux girlfriend, Black Jew Rage Against The Machine-loving people I spend my days and nights with are the shit.
  • "Papa Romeo's" They're no Bacci's, but you can't beat 2 large pizzas for $15.
  • "Sleepwalking?" I still don't know how I went to bed last night sleeping on my pillow and woke up with the pillowcase in my arms and the bare pillow on Alex's bed. I'm lucky enough not to snore or wet the bed talk in my sleep already, but now it turns out I'm the most generous sleepwalker there is. That or Alex has played a dirty dirty trick on me.
  • "Change" I try to accept new things: CTA fare hikes, Cook County sales tax hikes and such. But I cannot stand for the new Chicago Tribune redesign. It's the second major one in like 3 years. Charge me $4 in tax on a $10 meal, but how dare you combine my Tempo and Metro sections!
  • "Kellyn" Good look on the ChiSox-Twinkies playoff tomorrow. I owe you major. *Editor's Note: If the Sox choke tonight, I don't wanna hear a thing tomorrow ever.

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